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Monday, 21 May 2012 00:00

True to their school slogan, “Triumph in Tenacity,” Southern City Colleges (SCC) had a summer triumphant experience fun at the majestic Merloquet Falls last May 1, 2012 in Sibulao, Zamboanga City. It was Labor Day, a public holiday, a day best to enjoy and relax in one of God’s best natural creations.

Led by their energetic school president Edwin Caliolio, the whole school administration staff and faculty members spend this day to bond and re-charge from school work. Caliolio started this practice of school summer outing to give school employees the opportunities to know each other better as well discover places and themselves more outside the four corners of the school.  And it has worked wonders! They are energized and more relaxed when the school opens every June, he shared.

Caliolio believes that living a wonderful life is to live a balanced life; hence, he has been incorporating fun and learning experiences to SCC aside from introducing new academic programs. This annual summer program gives wider perspectives of real life, he said, when they explore, discover and experience new places. It leads to a triumphant return to the workplace as the staff and teachers are more relax to work with another and learn from each other how to deal with students better, he beamed. 

No wonder, under the helm of Caliolio, SCC has been growing by big leaps and wider bounds in producing better and well-equipped students under competent teachers and efficient staff.

Merloquet Falls was just recently “discovered” and has been included by Zamboanga City Government as one of the big eco-tourism potentials of our city. For years, it has been “unnoticed” and a “hidden secret” of this barangay. It is 78 kilometers east of city and one has to trek more or less 5 kilometers of long and steep mountain trail upon arrival. Not easy for those who are lazy to walk or for those with arthritis.

But once you reach the place, one will be amaze of its cascading water. It’s like a veil of waters falling down – refreshing not only to the eyes but as well to one’s body as it can give a relaxing massage to our backs as we sit under the falling water. One can also swim too in the clear and cold water that falls into a natural pond. More information from Department of Tourism-9 at Lantaka Hotel if you're planning to go there.

by Dante Corteza

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