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Sunday, 27 May 2012 18:35

Thanks to the effort of District-2 City Councilor VP Elago and to the volunteers of his advocacy to restore the old glory of Cawa-Cawa, more people are now hitting the beach of Cawa-Cawa after 5 weeks of clean campaign.

Last May 19, more supporters came including the Western Mindanao Regional Police Force, Pilar College, Knights of Columbus of Upper Calarian and concerned youths to clean this beach. As early as 8 am, the beach was clean of trashes in time for the picnickers and promenaders to appreciate and enjoy the place. Like Councilor Vp and these volunteers, I hope that these folks will also learn to treasure this beach and start observing cleanliness within the area.

I hope there will be a police patrol roaming around since their office is just across the street. In Puerto Princesa, Palawan, citizen arrest is strong. They can report and “arrest” people who throw garbage anywhere. I doubt it if we can do it here for now – with trigger felons around. An intelligent officer feels sorry that our local police force seems to be helpless in controlling loose firearms. In big weddings and events involving prominent politicians and families, he said private bodyguards can flash their arms without fear of being arrested (worse, there are police escorts to “protect” them?).

Councilor VP and his group also posted warning signs that it is against the law to litter or throw their garbage anywhere and specifically at the beachfront. He went to the extent of going around the business establishments and offices around the beach to orient them about the law and their responsibility to help maintain this tourist attraction. They are the ones also who will benefit from it at the first place.

Councilor Vp next action is to request from DENR and related agencies to check on the pollution level of the water and thereafter reiterate the need for the cancellation or diversion of the 2 drainage exit culverts that is presently going towards this beach area. I wonder where Brent Hospital throws its waste.

Among the suggestions to make Cawa-Cawa a more fun beach is to have a sand castle making contest like in Boracay, beach volleyball contest, and Muslim vintas so people can have the experience of riding them.

Credit goes too to Mayor Celso Lobregat, Zamboanga General Service Office and the OCENR for their full support to make Cawa-Cawa great again.

by Dante Corteza

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