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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 00:00

Thanks to digital technology, photography has leveled up. It used to be that you have think twice or more before pressing the camera because not only the roll of film and developing were expensive you can’t delete pictures then.

But today, with digital cameras, you can take pictures as much as you like depending on the capacity of the camera memory. There are many people going into this business too. As a matter of fact, what used to be the turf of photo studios, has been invaded by independent photographers. But despite the stiff competition, Fotospeed Speed has remained on the lead. And I credit their main photographer Tanny Tolentino. He has been with this studio as far as I can remember.

A Cebuano, Tanny has adapted the way of life of a Zamboangueño. He is a favorite when it comes to photo coverage when people want a reliable photographer. Humble and a smiling guy, I have not seen him frown when he is being pulled ('forced") by the arm by people who request for picture taking. He does not have the erratic artistic temper who have to be in the mood first. He is into this because he loves what he is doing. As they say, when you love your job, it is not work.

He is a premiere photographer not because he is the best or number one photographer in this city. He makes you feel number one when he takes pictures. And this is what endears him to his subjects. He is number one in their hearts.

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