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Friday, 29 June 2012 08:26

I don’t know with what’s on the brains of PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) but they want the only elephant in the Philippines shipped to Thailand. Claiming that she will be taken care better there is a crap. Maali has been living her entire life at Manila Zoo and is happy there. Now that she is getting popular due to John Chua, PETA wants her to be “free” and trying to raise funds to ship her out of the Philippines.

Maybe Maali caught the attention of PETA when Chua shared the pictures he took of her and made her the unofficial pet of his advocacy group Photography With A Difference (PWD). This group takes pictures of a certain subject so that people or viewers will appreciate them. Chua who fell in love with Maali started to spread around about this big, wonderful and loving animal of Manila Zoo thru his PWD pictures. He even brought special children there and taught them how to love animals. He even made Maali’s life easier by assisting and donating all the things that she needed. Before that, Maali was just one of the zoo’s attractions.

If Chua abused and maltreated her perhaps I will side with PETA. People now flocking the zoo have learned some much about elephants and how to take care of them. Thanks to Chua. But PETA seems to have a different agenda. Thru Maali they can raise funds, hmmm. And ever we have to like see a real and live elephant we have to go to another country or a watch them perform in a circus. This is what PETA wants to happen.

To John Chua, thank you for loving Maali and giving Filipinos a chance to see and interact with her. To PETA, you have other better things to do in life.

(John Chua is our country premier advertising photographer. Since last year, he has been helping and teaching our local photographers of Zamboanga Photography Club under the helm of Jun Kwan on how to take better pictures and promote Zamboanga City with photography.)


“For every beast of the forest is mine … . I know the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine” (Psalm 50:10-11). God cares for His creatures. He provides food for the cattle, the wild donkeys, and the young lions when they call (Psalm 104, Job 38-39). In response, His creatures praise the Lord (Psalms 148, 50), and God is made glad by them.

by Dante Corteza

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