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Friday, 03 December 2010 16:22

When all else fails in a military operation, when missions seem impossible, send in the Marines! That, in a nutshell, captures the mystique of the Marines as an elite fighting force all over the world. That awesome reputation stems partly from the very concept of the Marines as a rapid-deployment, amphibious strike force-small but highly mobile, hard-hitting and superbly trained. It takes a rare breed of men, indeed, to embrace the task of assaulting a hostile shore, facing heavy enemy fire and securing the beachhead for the entry of bigger land forces.

Being a Marine must therefore require an indomitable faith in oneself, in one's fighting prowess and in one's comrades at arms. Sustaining this high level of pride and confidence in each and eery Marine is in itself no easy task. Part of the secret lies in propagating the Marine "myth", so to speak.
A US Marine Lieutenant was once said to have asked a Gunnery Sergeant just how the Marine Corps got to be known one of the world's greatest fighting units. "Well, Lieutenant," the Sergeant replied good-humoredly, "they started right out telling everybody how great they were. Pretty soon they got to believing it themselves and they have since been busy proving they were right!"

The mystique has certainly rubbed on the Philippine Marines who have sought to live up to their esteemed name since they were first organized in November 1950. Their transparent, rough-edged self-concept can be gleaned from their successful mission marching hymn and now can be feel (and seen) by the people whom they been reaching out through public service.

In commemoration of their 60 years of gallantry service, the local force of the Philippine Marine Corps. conducted a commendable public service at the Cabatangan Elementary School last November 13. With the theme, “Handog Pasasalamat sa Cabatangan ,” the Marines had a combined medical/dental free clinics, distributed goods, had a feeding program, free haircut, and fun games .

Special guest was the newly appointed NavForWem Commodore Orwen Cortez. Together with him were Lt. Col.Elmer R. Estilles, Chief of Naval staff, Flag Sec. Rufie Macapagal, PN, and the PIO of NavForWem Harry Sia Cunanan of Acting Naval Force 7. Marine 1Lt. Benjamin Rañon is grateful for the support of the people of Cabatangan where the Marine headquarters is presently conducting its training.

The Marine Corps in attuned with Republic Act 7898 that mandates the AFP to be compact, efficient, responsive and modern force is engaging nowadays in conventional and/or unconventional warfare, disaster relief and rescue operations, and contribute to economic development and other nontraditional military roles. And we thank them for this new approach of attaining peace.

Muchas gracias, Marines! Continue your good community services.


Inspirational Bible verse for soldiers. Let Your Light Shine. (John 1:5) “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”