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Sunday, 01 July 2012 00:00

Practical and fashionable. Convenient and trendy.  Useful and stylish. These are the descriptions of the latest bag that will splash and surely create a big wave in Asia’s Latin City and hopefully reach other shores soon – the Yellow Boat Eco-Bag of the I CAN Make A Difference.  Made of recycle plastic and sewn locally, it is catching the attention of would be buyers. Thanks to the social networking connection of Facebook there are many inquiries already from people where they can buy it (visit their FB “I Can Make A Difference’).

Inspired and influenced by the social entrepreneurship spirit of the Yellow Boat Foundation, the people behind the I CAN Make A Difference thought of making use of discarded plastics  and saving our environment from these trash, at the same time, give livelihood to people. Since March 2012 I CAN have been working on this ECO-llectible project harnessing the skills of differently abled-workers. This is their second nobel project this year.

A week ago, I CAN open a medical facility center building, Half-Way House, made of plastic bottles in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur. Lakewood with its wide lake became another Yellow Boat Foundation beneficiary. Lakewood people now don’t have the difficulty to cross the wide lake to go to work or school in the main land because the foundation donated yellow colored boats from funds raised from donations. I CAN made their lives safer and healthier with this health center where they can have medical check-ups and where trained medical workers can help pregnant women give normal birth.

The Yellow Boat Foundation has helped improved the lives of the people of an offshore community, Layag-Layag, in Talon-Talon through social entrepreneurship. This concept encourages people to find source of living on their own rather depend on the charity of other people or dole-outs from government. I CAN, a partner of the Yellow Boat, is also advocating the same – help improve lives through a livelihood or business.   

A non-profit organization I CAN brings simple, cost efficient, sustainable, environment-friendly solutions to problems within communities thru inter-sectoral participation and inter-community development. It is spearheaded by a young and robust Executive Director John Michael F. Dellariarte with the beautiful Meryl Grace Agudelo as the Operation Manager.

You may not have the time to do an advocacy community work, but you can surely help improve people’s lives by supporting the Yellow Boat Foundation or by simply buying the Yellow Boat Eco-Bag.

by Dante Corteza

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