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Friday, 03 August 2012 09:06

It’s about time that we need fresh blood in the present set-up of the Zamcelco Board. The constant brownout/black-out, unexplained charges in billing statement, and poor services are still the perennial issues unresolved by the present board. Nothing substantial has changed and the electrical services have not yet improved. 

Bueno pa na ZCWD (Zamboanga City Water District)–  the billing statement is printed in a quality paper and does not easily erase. And the ZCWD paying area is air-conditioned. But in fairness to Zamcelco, their tellers are all the same – not smiling and unfriendly. You are treated as if you owe them and should be the one to please them – no choice? They don’t say Thank You.

Since Zamcelco is a cooperative, we, the consumers, are the rightful owners of this organization. We have a say through the board members that we elect. They (board members) should foremost represent our welfare, see to it that the management runs it efficiently, and not playing fiddles to the best interest of the suppliers.  This is the kind of Zamcelco board we prefer.

Today, I am glad to inform Pep talk readers that there will be an election of new Zamcelco Board Members in District 2, 5, and 10 on Sunday August 5. The residents of District 2 (Barangay 3 and 4) are endorsing, campaigning and pushing Dr. Victor “Vic” Liozo Jr., the competent administrator of Zamboanga Red Cross, to be their representative.

Vic, as he prefers to be called, has a 10 point agenda that needs to be implemented. Together with the board, they must
(1) conduct quarterly consultations with the constituents of their district
(2) updates list of the coop members, (3) shortens application for light connection
(4) review policy on late payment, and (5) form cluster center or post for trouble shooting.
(6) Organize  special team to check electrical wiring
(7) sign agreement with the Bureau of Fire to inform Zamcelco if there is a fire
(8) let consumer members feels the value of ownership
(9) provide  proper prescribe uniforms and safety training to all linemen
(10) all transactions must be transparent (publish in the newspaper). These are the programs Vic will bring to the board aside from addressing properly the Mindanao power crisis.

I believe with the experience, knowledge, skills, and the leadership capabilities of Vic.  His 10 points agenda are achievable. Look what he did with Zamboanga  Red Cross (ZRC). We have the biggest, most beautiful and well equipped blood center in the Philippines today. The ZRC blood bank collection and campaign are worthy of emulation by other blood banks.  No wonder when bloods are needed even by other cities, ZRC can provide. ZRC apparatus are modern and complete too which includes the well-equipped ZRC ambulance.  We have to congratulate Vic and his competent and trained ZRC staff for all of these.

If he can do it with ZRC, Vic can do the same with Zamcelco. He will inject a new blood and new life of energy power for the good of all Zamceclo consumers.  Now, if I only belong in his District, I would surely go out and vote for him like all the rest of Zone 3 and 4.

By Dante Corteza