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Monday, 13 August 2012 00:00

Compare to the olden times, the modern Filipina is different.  She is admired for her new dynamic personality, her being street smart and wittiness, and for her natural beauty in the whole wide world. More out spoken now, she has gained the high respect and admiration from the people and from the society she belongs to without losing her feminine identity. She stands for what she believes in without losing her confidence in her home, workplace, and the community. This is the new human nature of today’s Filipinas. She is nurturing, courageous, inspiring, and beautiful. Ang makabagong Pinay - we can be proud of.

So when Human Nature, an all Filipino company founded and run mostly by Filipina women, recognized 15 of the most admired Filipinas recently, I was elated to learn that 2 of these women are from Mindanao. In partnership with the Beauty Bar, the Pinay & Proud Campaign was launched to honor the uniqueness of the Filipina woman and the virtues that distinguish them.

The 2 Mindanawomen are topnotch leader Lanao del Norte Congresswoman Aliah Dimaporo and former MILF Commander now Peace Builder Bai Linda Eman of Cotabato. The other honorees are British-Filipina (fomer James Bond girl) Rachel Grant, admired ballet teacher of the masa Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, fashion social entrepreneur Noreen Bautista, Olympian Akiko Thomson-Guevara,and  lawyer turned socio-entrep (founded the Gournmet Keso and Café de Sug Sulu Coffee) Xilca Alvarez- Protacio.

Famous media broadcast journalist Che-Che Lazaro, model employee Isabel Cuevas-Santos, ace photographer Ditsi Carolino, role mother Maricel Valderama, celebrity artist  Eugene Domingo, Ambassadress Anna Oposa, producer/director Maria Montelibano, and the Filipina judge in the USA who returned to serve Philippines Rose Cabrera.

I will feature Dimaporo and Eman in details about their amazing lives in the succeeding Pep Talk column of what makes them excellent women. Full stories can also be read at www.pinayandproud.com.

Like them, admired for always excelling, Human Nature is one of the highly regarded Filipino companies in our country today. All of their personal care and beauty products are made of natural organic ingredients coming mostly from farms of local farmers, and manufactured with high quality standards 100% free from harmful chemicals. Best of all this Filipino company fully supports the multi-awardee Gawad Kalinga Foundation Inc. that started the mass housing for all less fortunate Filipinos.

Visit Human Nature Zamboanga office at the second floor of GBPI II Building at La Purisima St. (in front of Metropolitan Immaculate Cathedral) and find out about their advocacy of lifting lives of Filipinos the natural way.

By Dante Corteza