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Friday, 17 August 2012 00:00

Cheers to the The Half-Way House of the I CAN Make A Difference at Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur for being one of the 21 nominees of the Manila-based FNF (Friedrich Naumann Foundation) “The Freedom Project 2012”. It qualifies with the foundation criteria of an outstanding initiative of an individual or group that promote, safeguard and maximize the benefits of freedom.

The Freedom Project aims to find and appreciate freedom in issues that affect people and communities, and seeks solutions where people can be part of. For FNF, participatory democracy, good governance, human rights and competition exemplify freedom. Freedom is translating a concept to an actual program where individuals are actively involved. The Freedom Project is looking for initiatives that bear these freedom standards.

In relation to the I CAN Half-Way House, it found freedom from poor health services for the impoverished Lakewood community especially for pregnant/expectant mothers. It has served as a lying-in center since it opened last June 23, 2012.

What is endearing also about the walls of the I CAN Half-Way House, it is made up of discarded plastic bottles of Coca-Cola products collected from individuals and organizations . This is an exemplary eco-building that taught people one useful way of recycling plastic bottles. It stands for freedom from waste materials and a show of the “bayanihan” (unity) spirit of the Filipino.  They done it because they believed they (I) Can.

Ultimately, through recognition like this Freedom Project 2012, public awareness on the true meaning of Freedom will be heightened among Filipinos with the aim that it can be replicated in other places. More I CAN Half-Way Houses where it is needed!

Please visit www.fnf.org.ph/events/thefreedomproject/vote.php. and vote for number 20 – the I CAN Half-Way House. You can do it! I CAN Half-Way House deserves this recognition.

Pep Talk by Dante Corteza