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Saturday, 22 September 2012 09:46

(This is a continuation of the interview with ICT-Zamboanga president LouellSaavedra (LS) why we (all sectors of Zamboanga – government/private, media, and academic) should support and attend the biggest ICT Roadshow on September 26, 2012 at the Grand Astoria Hotel. It will shower in big business and career opportunities for our city’s social and economic development.Just envision soon a Zamboanga IT Park Business Center where local people are highly paid and the business return of investment (ROI) is in dollars. Be a part of it.) Continuation of Pep Talk with LoueLlSaavedra (LS)

Pep Talk : What are the other business and career opportunities for Zamboanga City aside from call centers?

LS : “The fact that Zamboanga City has been pointed as one of the potentialIT-BPO investment area in Mindanao is a good start. Aside from call centers, it will create demand for IT services accounting, manufacturing, processing, human resources, retail, wholesale, and improve healthcare/medical services too. ICT-Zamboanga City believes that we have enough graduates (talented human resources) from our local colleges and universities. It is however imperative that we benchmark these talents and see how far the expected gap is to the requirements of the industry, then work relentlessly at closing those gaps.”

Pep Talk: How can Zamboanga City help?

LS : “Every sectors of Zamboanga City must attend the ICT Roadshow on Sept. 26 and learn how they can help or get involved. The factors how to address develop IT and BPO market for Zamboanga City will be tackled in this event. ICT-Zamboanga City aims to create a highly IT-enabled business environment ready to meet challenges of the ASEAN integration and continued globalization of economies.

Pep Talk: Can we leave all the works with your ICT Council?

LS : “While our industry-created ICT council may be an important keg in the preparation of a dynamic ICT-BPO ecosystem, it is by far not the only stakeholder. Our council will be more effective in a multi-sectoral environment working together. Some of the stronger councils particularly Cebu, Davao and even Bacolod heavily bank on strong partnerships with the LGU, academic institutions, Telcos, industry partners, etc., in the creation of their diverse and robust ecosystems. Even small councils such as that of Dumaguete expressed this as part of the winning formula in achieving what they have in a relatively short time (3 years).

Pep Talk : What is the call of ICT-Zamboanga?

LS : “The clear direction of the Zambo ICT council can be successfully spinoff only if it can get the full support of the multi-sectoral representatives. They are instrumentals in the advancement of our ICT goals and objectives to establish firm strategic plans.

Rather than a typical hierarchical organizational structure, it may be also be more effective to organize into a flatter structure, where under the chair are several committees or technical working groups to handle the key areas of developing a strong council – here is a suggested model (see graph):

What these segments can do:

•    Marketing and Business Development – Marketing promotion activities, business matching
•    Talent/Resource Development – Linkages with academic institutions, government agencies, training facilities, for talent acquisition, training and development; includes participation in curriculum development, mentorship and teacher immersion
•    Research and Funding – Focus on research on availability of funding and other resources from agencies that give priority to ICT and BPO advancement (including international donor agencies such as ADB, JICA, USAID and WB)
•    Projects and Events – Council projects and events facilitation and management
•    Media and Government Relations – Focus on media and government relations for PR and brand buildup, establishing strong linkages for collaborative initiatives or projects

Pep Talk: Why is the role of the education sector important?

LS : “We need to link closely with academic institutions not only to raise the quality of our graduates to a global standard, but also to make sure that they have the right skills and competencies for ICT/BPO jobs so they can easily integrate into the job stream. In addition, it is also necessary to give awareness and encourage those coming out of High School to go into the courses that are in demand.”

Pep Talk : How can the media sector help?

LS : “Linking with media partners will help tremendously in drumming up interest and appreciation of ICT in the city, and will help increase awareness of all stakeholders, students, prospective outside investors, and the general public.Media blasts can draw interest to the ICT presence and capability of the city, hopefully attracting investors/locators. It will also open another gateway of careers for media practitioners locally.

(Aside from business people and government officials, school administrators/owners, PTA presidents, student leaders and media institutions are encouraged to attend. Registration is free. Visit RITECC-9 on Facebook for more information. Call 991-1024 (Jill) or 993-2878 (Christine) on how to register.)

By Dante Corteza