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Friday, 19 October 2012 09:32

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ), one of Zamboanga City’s premier tertiary hospitals, is celebrating its 9th year of excellent medical services this week. With the theme, “Excellence at 9,” CMZ continues to grow as a world class hospital since its operation on October 18, 2003. Today, it has a four-story building in a more than a hectare at Nuñez Extension St. with an adjoining vacant lot area where a new building will rise soon to house clinics and other hospital departments.

This year’s anniversary is highlighted with the introduction of the 2 latest medical diagnostic equipment used by top hospitals worldwide. It will not only help save on the total medical expenses, according to CMZ Chairman Edwin To,  it will provide more accurate and diagnosis of a medical case with convenience both for the doctors and patients.  CMZ’s Siemens Magnetron Essenza 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the first of its kind in Mindanao.  Its unique Siemens technology gives faster, more precise results, with no patient repositioning and a shorter exam times. MRI is use for the diagnosis of tumors, strokes and torn ligaments and are done too on the head to determine the cause of headaches, nervous system problems or developmental disorders of the brain.

Dr. Filipinas Rojo, CMZ Medical Director, said the performance of Magnetom Essenza is excellent as it generates high-definition images. Its rapid acquisition sequences is an advantage specially  for unstable and trauma patients, she explained further.   The patient will have more headroom, more legroom, more elbowroom, and more comfort, Dr. Rojo added, with the new CMZ MRI machine. It will be a relaxing experience for MRI patients at CMZ then.

The 2nd latest acquisition of CMZ is the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration Digital Mammography which is the first of its kind in Western Mindanao. Mammography test aims to detect early stages of breast cancer.  With CMZ Mammomat, women of Mindanao can now expect reliable breast exams, feel more comfortable and safe in having their breasts diagnosed.

The Opdose feature of Mammomat Inspiration is designed to minimize a patient's radiation dose and exposure time making it safe both for the patient and the radiologist operating it. Its intelligent Opcomp function makes the whole process less painful or no pain at all for the patient as Mammomat applies compression only long as the patient’s breast is soft and pliable, and it stops at the point of optimal compression, Dr. Rojo explained.

And its most significant design element? The unique LED light panel of the Mammomat Inspiration. It radiatess lights that provide a comfortable environment and can be easily set according to patient’s personal preference. This modern machine is located at the hospital’s well furnished and cozy CMZ Breast Wellness Center.

Tomorrow there will be a medical mission at Barangay Muruk as part of the hospital’s celebration and recognition of top employees. Saturday will be an exciting dayfor the doctors and hospital staff as well for the patients. There will be booth exhibits, auction sales, Got Talent Contest, Supplier’s Night, raffle and awarding of prizes at the CMZ New Parking Lot.  CMZ is the first and the only PhilHealth accredited Center of Quality in Region 9.

By Dante Corteza