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Monday, 22 October 2012 09:23

Latest health statistic on breast cancer shows that around 500,000 will die from this disease every year and it is today’s leading killer of women ages 35-54 around the world. And it is important to note that in the Philippines current estimates show that 1 in 13 Filipinas will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. This is to be taken seriously by everyone and not taken lightly because it can even strike us men (though very rare). Yikes!

According to studies done by the Philippine General Hospital and the Cancer Institute of the Philippines, “at present, there is low cancer prevention consciousness [in the Philippines],” and sadly, this lack of cancer knowledge has perpetuated the nation’s relatively low survival rates. If this persists, experts conclude 1 in 1,800 Filipinos will develop cancer each year.

Last year, Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona said breast cancer is now the leading cancer site for both Filipino men and women and that one out of every 100 is likely to die from the disease before reaching 75 years old. However, Ona added breast cancer is a curable disease when detected, treated and managed early.

To help people be more aware about breast cancer prevention and its treatments, the Ministry of Mushrooms (MOM), Inc. launched Mushrooms Go Pink this October in Metro Manila. It is a breast cancer awareness campaign to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month from this month until the end of the year.

The campaign will center on telling people to live a holistic lifestyle. MOM believes that wellness can be enhanced by stimulating the senses through, nourishing food, art and alternative forms of wellness. And one of best food against breast cancer are mushrooms!

Why Mushrooms? As the focus of many ongoing scientific studies today, there is strong empirical evidence that some properties found in mushrooms can possibly lead to breast cancer prevention and elimination. “It is strongly suggested that mushrooms be added to one’s daily diet,” says Ministry of Mushrooms President and CEO Marco Lobregat.

“Oyster mushrooms for example, have both antioxidant and anti-tumor properties. It has been discovered that extracts from this mushroom interfere with the cancer cell cycle and cancer cells from spreading,” Lobregat stresses. Although a mushroom-incorporated diet can be extremely beneficial, it should be balanced out with other healing practices and routines and one should not bypass his or her regular check-ups and medical advice, he added.

To promote mushroom eating, MOM has joined forces with over 20 well-lauded restaurants and food specialists around Metro Manila and the surrounding areas which will be creating and serving dishes made with locally grown oyster mushrooms to symbolize edible representations of the campaign.

Proceeds from the specified dishes ordered will go to raise funds for the benefit of the ICanServe Foundation, a foundation dedicated to providing hope and help to women with breast cancer by promoting early cancer detection through information campaigns and community-based screening programs.

I had the opportunity to talk with Marco Lobregat last October 12 at his Dad’s house, Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat, about this laudable social responsibility of his company. The good news, he said, he will do this health campaign against breast cancer nationwide and can start probably early next year in our city.

The Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. is a start-up provider of gourmet mushrooms, mushroom products and mushroom related services. It is a mushroom farm, production and R&D center located in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. Its close proximity to the nation’s capital, Metro Manila, gives it an advantage to provide the local market with the freshest quality mushrooms. More about tomorrow MOM in tomorrow’s Pep Talk.

For the meantime, visit website of to know where mushroom gourmets are best served in Manila, where to buy organically grown mushroom and how to cook them.

By Dante Corteza