The Ministry of Mushrooms promotes the lowly mushrooms for health and prosperity PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 10:03

Mushrooms are not the typical daily sustenance for most of us. Aside it is not always freshly available in the market; it is in canned or dried form, imported, and quite expensive. We get the chance to eat it only when we are in a Chinese restaurant or when served in a hotel function we are attending. 

But thanks to a new Filipino company, the Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc., soon there will be more high quality, fresh and affordable mushrooms in the market throughout the country in line with ultimate direction of the company. Its laudable vision is to have a sustainable, world-class mushroom industry in the Philippines.

The company is working on developing the mushroom industry by partnering with mushroom experts and the academe in the Philippines and around the world. And it is also willing to share its technical knowledge and services with other budding mushroom growers and ventures to forge mushroom production and processing to make it readily available anywhere and anytime. If this happens, it can bring viable source of income especially for rural communities. Imagine, Philippines as the Capital Mushroom of the World.

Founded by a dynamic team of young entrepreneurs, namely, Zamboangueňo Marco Lobregat (son of Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat), Jose Javier Ortoll and Victor Salas, the company is going beyond the economic viability and profit of growing and selling mushrooms. The Ministry of Mushrooms is advocating the high nutritional value of mushrooms too.

Lobregat shared that latest scientific studies have shown that mushrooms are found to be “immuno‐modulators” that bioactively boost our immune systems. They work by either up­-regulating a weak immune system to enhance its ability to fight infections or by down-­regulating strong but misdirected immune systems, which cause allergies, arthritis, asthma and other disorders. It is effective in fighting cancers too which is the basis of the company’s advocacy against breast cancer.

Presently located in Lipa, Batangas, it is a start-up provider of gourmet mushrooms, mushroom products and mushroom related services. It has a mushroom farm, production and R&D center there which it hopes to replicate in key cities around the country. For now, due to its proximity, it is stepping up in delivering the freshest quality mushrooms in Metro Manila every week and has recently begun providing mushrooms to restaurants, markets, caterers and food processors. The Ministry of Mushrooms brand is quickly gaining recognition.

Whether developing products of the highest quality or building client relations and customer satisfaction, the founders help hone each other’s skills to be a fully optimized team. Ortoll and Sala bring together their knowledge of mushroom cultivation and engineering to develop the green, efficient and sustainable mushroom farm, production and R&D center. Lobregat brings his market knowledge and expertise in project management and international sales to ensure that the daily operations drive the company to continuous growth and success. .

“We aim to be a driving force in the mushroom industry in the Philippines and beyond. Be a source of happiness to all who share our love for mushrooms,” Lobregat said.

By Dante Corteza