PAL fly back home to Zamboanga City Print
Monday, 12 November 2012 10:19

There was a time that we had no choice but to fly PAL (Philippine Airlines). There was no choice then. It was the only airline flying around the country. Its long years monopoly of the air space broke down after the EDSA ’86 Revolution. Other airlines came into the space and tried their best to grab PAL’s dominance. Competitions brought innovative changes particularly in bringing down the air fares. More people now can afford to ride airplanes.

But despite the juicy offers of competitors all these past few years, PAL has remained its excellent services that satisfy us. We are attended by qualified, efficient and competent PAL personnel at their well-appointed ticketing office. We can seat comfortably and read magazines while waiting for our turn. And to top it all, we are being helped conveniently in our connecting flight to other cities especially if we’re going abroad. 

As we check-in at the PAL airport terminal, we are well directed and attended by friendly PAL airport personnel. Our problem of excess baggage is addressed properly in case we exceed our allowed weight baggage. One time I witnessed how a poor passenger who had no extra cash to pay was treated shabbily by another airline. PAL had never, never, never asked you to stand up in their weighing scale!

Boarding a PAL plane is always a luxurious travel experience. There is no difference of treatment whether we’re taking a local or international PAL flight. PAL’s Filipino trademark of “magandang serbiyoso” (excellent service) has distinguished it from the pack and has won the hearts of travelers worldwide. PAL flight crew does not have only pleasing personalities; they look good in their official uniform and serve you with sincere smiles. PAL passengers are treated well and taken care of all the way.

At NAIA 2, the exclusive PAL Terminal Airport then, the long straight stretched lay-out of the departure area is very convenient for disable and senior citizens. It is easier for them to find, walk, and seat comfortably while waiting for their flight call. 

And, of course, PAL airplanes relaxing seats are wide and comfy. PAL passengers can seat restfully and not be stiff worried that their bodies might touch the stranger seating next to them when they fall into sleep. We don’t get free baggage, read free newspaper, and free snacks from other airlines. (Those who have extra finance can opt for the pricey Mabuhay class with all the first class amenities and avail of the first class Mabuhay airport lounge).

Whether a flight is cancelled, delayed or a passenger is being bounced off, PAL knows how to attend to their grunting passengers. And I heard of horror travel experience stories of passengers of other low rate airlines. As they say, you get what you pay for!

But since PAL has stopped servicing its Zamboang route, we will sorely miss PAL excellent travel service and bear whatever being offered by other airlines. Worse, the air fares have gone up going to Manila since PAL flew away from us.  
There was a glimpse of hope few weeks ago when Zamboanga District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian said that PAL president Ramon Ang assured that the Zamboanga-Manila will continue. I was with Zamboanga Mayor Celso Lobregat when he visited local PAL office one time and inquired its flight status. Hope these two local leaders can work PAL flight resumption to our city.

The popular slogan of PAL is Mabuhay. Let’s hope that the Asia’s First Airline will fly again to Asia’s Latin City. Mabuhay ka ulit (live again), PAL!

If have the choice, I will always choose PAL.

By Dante Corteza