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Monday, 19 November 2012 09:44

Last Saturday, Nov. 17, I had an exclusive interview of one of Manila’s well-known beauty experts Dr. Kellyn Conde-Sy (or Dr. K) about the first stem cell treatment center in Zamboanga City, the first also in Western Mindanao. As part of the medical team of Biocare Skin Slimming and Spa Center based in Manila, she will be introducing to locals the availability of the newest medical treatment breakthrough worldwide, the stem cell therapy, at Biocare Zamboanga Main Branch in Nuňez St.

Stem cell therapy is medically reported to have tremendous potentials. The medical process involves the introduction of harvested stem cell to patients whose own body can’t produce anymore new cells because of a disease or aging process. Conceivably, it can treat cancer, strokes and other neurological disorders including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, heart attacks and cardiac failure, diabetes mellitus, Huntington's disease, celiac disease, muscle damage and many others. It can also possibly delay or even reverse the aging process by replacing cells that have been lost or have become senescent (aged) I learned. Mounting testimonies of patients who got well and look better (younger) are being medically documented.

Increasing numbers of top hospitals and medical clinics in Metro Manila are introducing it now. There are a number of competent and trained Filipino doctors today who can perform stem cell therapy, Dr. K proudly revealed. The good news, she added, Filipinos don’t have to go abroad and spend more in dollars. It cost less in the Philippines, she assured. That’s why a surge of foreigners prefer to have it in our country, Dr. K revealed. It can even cost less in Zamboanga City, she said genuinely.

Dr. Kellyn Conde-Sy is fondly called Dr. K by her patients and other doctors. The tag Dr. K, aside this is the first letter of her first name, is synonymous to the Tagalog word, “Karapatan” (rights). She is indeed has the right to be called Dr. K based on the pictures of her beautiful and happy stem cell patients. Her patients are from prominent families, work in the showbiz industry, and some are high government officials.

Dr. K said her patients prefers to remain anonymous especially showbiz people so that their fans will continue to see that they are still beautiful and young.  Private individuals and government officials do it to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Most people, unfortunately she said, have this penchant to judge outwards appearance. She explained that she might change or improve the outer appearance of a patient but it is still the inner glow that counts most plus positive outlook in life. She initially does counseling to assess deeper why her patients wants to go into beauty treatment. It is easier to understand them when they are into showbiz or in politics, she clarified, as well those who have debilitating disease or who met freak accident.

And, yes, she sometimes refuses patients whom she deems does not really need to undergo stem cell treatment. They are already physically beautifully, she evaluates, except that they are insecure and often have emotional burdens that need more of a professional psychological treatment.

This honor graduate student of the University of the Philippines said she does not commercialize her stature as a stem cell doctor.  Most of her patients are mostly referrals from her colleagues in the medical field and from her satisfied patients.  But the opportunity to extend stem cell therapy in Zamboanga City enthralls her and granted me the privilege to write something about her specialty.

People don’t have to go to Manila for stem cell therapy; she will fly here regularly as part of Biocare Zamboanga City commitment to be a premiere health, wellness and beauty center of Western Mindanao.

As a matter of fact, she will be in Zamboanga City again on Wednesday, Nov. 21, to do a follow up of the patients she diagnosed last Saturday. She will continue to render also her free stem cell consultations on that day. Call Biocare at 992-3002 or 992-6388 for appointment with Dr. K.

(Dr. Kellyn Conde-Sy or Dr. K graduated from the University of the Philippines where finished her medical degree. She has been intensively trained in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology here and abroad. She had her professional training at the Rayner Institue of Aesthetic Medicine in the United States and has solid medical trainings and experiences in her field.)

By Dante Corteza

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