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Monday, 24 December 2012 00:00

After the Noche Buena and the exchange of Christmas gifts tonight, what now? It seems the reason of the season these past years have been commercialized. People with hefty 13th month and bonuses are rushing in town to buy gifts and groceries, and busy standing parties left and right. Business establishments are making a hay day this month. Even most decorations I noticed being sold are composed of different Santa Claus and his reindeers, glittering Christmas trees, lights, balls, lanterns, and tinsels, etc. Made in China they come in cheap.

It is even more challenging to find a nativity décor depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. The few decors I found are expensive. And I wonder if people who lavishly decorate their homes and offices during this time of the year really know the importance of the Bethlehem scene and placed it at the center point of their celebration.

Where do we place the importance of Jesus Christ in today’s celebration? The main reason why He came to earth?  I thank God that I got the answer when the choir in the church my and wife attended yesterday sang the song, The Gift Goes On, by Claire Clioninger and Ron Harries. And I am reprinting the lyrics in today’s Pep Talk to open the hearts of readers and for them to share that the reason Jesus Christ was born is to give us the greatest love and for us to spread His love. Here it is:

The Father gave the Son,

The Son gave the Spirit,

The Spirit gives us life

so we can give the gift of Love.

And the gift goes on (4x)

Don’t you love to get a present

wrapped up in a Christmas bow?

God gave each of us a present

on that night so long ago

It’s a gift that keeps on giving

If our spirits can receive

It’s the secret joy of living

If your hearts can just believe!

And the gift goes on,

Now when your life is full of love,

You can give away the present

That began with God above

Just like ripples in the water

The circles of our love extend.

What was started with the Father

Is a gift that has no end!

I wish when we greet Merry Christmas today we don’t forget the CHRIST in it who brought eternal love for all of us. If we want peace in our lives, let Him reign in our hearts and in our lives. The Gift goes on!

By Dante Corteza