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Monday, 28 January 2013 10:06

Stem Cell Therapy is generating a lot of interests not only in the medical field but also among the general public. Thanks to the media buzz stories in newspapers, medical articles in health and beauty magazines, and TV interviews of showbiz personalities and politicians, stem cell treatment is giving hope to those with cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. And even to people who wants (need) to improve physical features for self- confidence or for whatever personal reasons.

A top local medical surgical consultant in Zamboanga City whose opinion I asked about it said it is promising and being offered where he was trained. Stem cell treatment is now actually being offered in Makati Medical Center, The Medical City, National Kidney Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, and St. Luke’s Medical Center. I just don’t know where former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo is having her stem treatment among these hospitals (I read she is undergoing stem cell treatment). And in a TV interview, I saw former President Joseph Estrada attributing stem cell for regaining his health and vitality.

And I have been learning that one of the wonders of stem cell treatment effect is on the skin. It does not only make skin healthier and wrinkle-free, it rejuvenates the body’s organ restoring the zest of energy for life based on medical testimonies. I read too that Filipinos are fortunate that in our country we have the most comprehensive yet affordable cellular treatment in Asia. We don’t need to seek this kind of treatment abroad and spend dollars.

And Yes! It’s right here even in Zamboanga City which Biocare Spa Skin Medical Center introduced through their accredited, highly trained and professional medical doctor from Manila, Dr. Kellyn Conde-Sy or more fondly called Dr. K by her patients and medical colleagues.

Since November she has been flying to Zamboanga City and has successfully treated already several local patients with stem cell therapy. It has become her passion to pursue this kind of treatment after her own ailing mother got well because of stem treatment. A graduate of UP College of Medicine, she went intensive trainings in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. She had her professional training at the Rayner Institue of Aesthetic Medicine in the United States and has many solid years of medical trainings and experiences in in this new medical field.

In this Pep Talk interview, Dr. Sy is sharing the true testimony of her 82 year old married female patient with Parkinson’s Disease.  Dr. Sy related that this patient has been suffering from this debilitating disease for 4 years and was getting worse year after year. She gave the patient her first Biocare Stem Treatment last January 21, 2013 and asked this patient to come back after 2 days. Lo and behold, she regained her facial expression and slowly regaining back her normal movements.  on January 25, 2013, Dr. Sy related that the patient’s husband was elated and profusely thanked her. He said his wife can now walk faster, can remember things, and to top it all, she is not grumpy anymore.

When Dr. Sy evaluated her, this patient can now sleep well, can focus on what she doing, and can walk longer without excruciating pains. Dr. Sy said this medical success added her confidence in the efficay and safety of stem cell treatment which she has been resarching before she went into this kind of treatment.

Dr. Sy will be coming to Zamboanga City on January 30, 2013 to follow up her patients at Biocare Spa Skin Center in Nuňez St., Zamboanga City, and at the same time she will be available for stem cell check-up for those seeking this kind of treatment. Call Biocare Zamboanga at 992-3002 or 992-6388 for appointment.

By Dante Corteza