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Saturday, 09 February 2013 10:28

Philippine’s premier advertising photographer and mentor/supporter of Camera Club of Zamboanga City (CCZC), John Chua, is the latest photo journalist of our country’s leading newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI). It will be another feather of adventure for him as the newspaper’s newest official stringer. He will not be on a full time job for this, rather, he will take pictures that of his interests like aerial photography, disasters, sports, military operations, automotive, rallies and PETA.

Uncle John, as he is fondly called, is one of our country’s best and an in-demand commercial photographer. He demands a high price that big corporate companies are willing to pay. His photos convey a thousand words and most often the products that he pictures often sells well in the market. What is most admirable about him, he shares his passion in photography to those who are willing to learn for free. He did it several times for CCZZ under the helm of its active president Jun Kwan.

Uncle John founded the PWD (Photography With A Difference) an advocacy group. It is composed of amateur and professional photographers who takes pictures and exhibits them to send a message to the viewers. He successfully conducted PWD exhibits showing the happy smiles of special disabled children and a movement to save Banawe Rice Terraces.

Reason why I am very happy that Uncle John is with PDI? He might (and I believe he will) publish photos of the wonderful people and places of Zamboanga City soon in one of the future issues of PDI. He loves our city and believe that his photos can make a positive difference for Asia’s Latin City.

Belated happy birthday to Harvey Chua, the beloved and very supportive wife of Uncle John Chua. More happy birthday jewels for you, Auntie Harvey!

By Dante Corteza