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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 10:47

It used to be Valentine Day was for lovers only. But today, it is celebrated by all regardless of age, gender, or religious background. People express this day of love not only with cards (now with emails or text), flowers or chocolates; they attend concerts or shows together or buy gifts depending on their budget. And I have noticed that in the past years, restaurants are full of people celebrating this day with their family and friends. People go out to celebrate aside from giving gifts of love.

What I love about this day? It imbibes people to love, love and love. One way to express love sweetly in Asia’s Latin City are cakes, cookies and cupcakes (!) from Myrna’s Bake House (MBH). I had the privilege to taste test their 2013 creations and is very impressed that I will share my new gastronomic discovery to Pep Talk readers.

These new MBH creations are yummy to the taste and guaranteed will delight the receivers. And this is the better news; they are within the budget for all Valentinos and Valentinas out there. The creative research and development team of MBH proudly divulged that they were able to do this without sacrificing the ingredients as they buy them directly from reputable manufacturers.

Highly quality ingredients are very important. MBH uses imported chocolates from Holland and cocoa beans from Ivory Coast. It gives a dense texture and rich chocolate taste. And MBH uses Italian butter cream frosting that gives a melt in the mouth feel. I learned that butter melts in the body temperature and gives a superior flavor. Although it can give more profit, MBH doesn’t use margarine as it gives a greasy mouth feel and a poor taste.

Sweet Valentine to all!

By Dante Corteza