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Saturday, 15 January 2011 00:00

The year 2010 was good and ended well for the KRIS (Kristiayano-Islam) Peace Library in Manicahan according to its founder Armand Nocum. This center of education in the West Coast received several computers, Koran books, Persian rugs, school supplies and Christmas gifts from its supporters and donors, relatives and friends of Nocum. It was a Merry and Happy 2010 Christmas for the children and people of this beautiful barangay.

The better news is the construction of the second floor for its audiovisual and prayer room is on the way. Separate comfort rooms for the boys and girls are being built too. Nap Co of Home Depot donated the initial set of toilet and plumbing materials for the comfort rooms. Manuel Chua of TSD construction likewise donated used television set and DVD player for the audio-visual room. From a mere “small library”, this noble project will be a center of knowledge that can lead to a peaceful and better life for Manicahan and other surrounding places.

What is the best about KRIS is that it shares blessings to others.  It gave three computers to the Lamisahan Elementary School and to Manicahan District Health Center. The computers were part of the five used computers donated by well-known Public Relations (PR) Executive Charlie Agatep. Earlier KRIS received from good hearted couple Charlie and Claire Corpus three more computers and from Zamboangueño Arnold Sarines who donated five more -- all reconditioned but in good working condition computers.

Armand’s aunt, Flor Nocum del Rosario, gave a new set of the Holy Koran, Islamic books and audio-video materials about Islam. She works as head nurse at a hospital in Kuwait and has been a consistent KRIS supporter. She held a book drive among Kuwaiti and Filipino Muslim friends to make it possible for Muslims Iman and religious students to read and learn more about true Islam. Auntie Flor also gave a special message that day.

KRIS’ new partners, Liselle Ubag Nova and her friends from the Rays of Sunshine group brought chocolates donated by US-based Cecilia Mabandos-Golez. Armand’s friend, Grace Aquino, gave stacks of books, magazines, pencil cases and coloring pens. "I also dream of putting up a library for the poor one day," she told Armand, adding that since she could not do so, she will just help Kris Peace Library give new life to her reading materials by making sure the children of Mindanao will be able to read them too.

Actor Diether Ocampo and his KIDS Foundation handed the bags, pencils, notebooks and ballpens donated by the Star Paper Corporation. Ahon Foundation donated booklets. Armand’s friend Alfie Smith and his two cousins (one from Manila and two from the US) gave cash to buy additional notebooks and other school supplies.

Although half of the expected 300 kids did not show up during the gift-giving drive due to the recent kidnapping and killing incident at Manicahan (sigh), KRIS is grateful to the brave kids and supporters who came from all over to bring Christmas cheers to scholars and users of the Kristian-Islam (Kris) Peace Library.

God/Allah is great and so are all the donors, supporters, and believers of KRIS! Let's all make the bunny year 2011 a giving and sharing year. Hop in and be a blessing to KRIS.