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Monday, 04 March 2013 14:33

Last month, Philippine Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz encouraged graduating high school students to get courses that will be in-demand in the years to come here and abroad.  She also advised them to refrain from choosing courses based on what's in vogue or fashionable, or, to use the popular social lingo of the youth, what's 'trending' and popular.

Her statement comes as hundreds of thousands of high school students are again expected to graduate in less than two months, many of whom are seen to pursue higher education and join the labor force. And one course that stands out, Sec. Baldoz cited, is in the field of Information Technology (IT).  They are being paid at the range of 50,000 to 100,000 plus a month.

Years ago I met one young lady in her 20’s who is being paid P150,000 a month and is based in Manila. The son of a doctor proudly shared that her son, computer programmer, receives P100,000 monthly salary plus good benefits. A nephew of my friend works in a computer company in Singapore. Another friend of mine in his 40’s is in the Middle East. They receive high salaries in dollars, work only 8 hours a day, and they don’t go on duty for 24 hours. 

And recently I had the opportunity to interview a successful graduate of STI-College Zamboanga City, Eldon Tenorio, who is working  at the 2Linc Solutions,Inc . a well-known e-commerce supply and service provider company. He is the Senior Software Developer in charge of leading the software development function of the company. His love with programming way back in high school convinced him to take any course that has computer programming in it, he shared, and his final choice of school to enroll was STI College Zamboanga City.

Why STI-Zamboanga I asked?  He did a research where to enroll and he found out that STI Zamboanga has been producing a lot of professional IT graduates who are doing well in this field. He felt the connection with the school the moment he stepped on its portal, he said.

Tenorio further revealed that STI, being one of the cradles of computer programming in Zamboanga City, has enhanced his passion in computer. It gave him a broader view of what programming really is and to appreciate the latest programming software. The school practice of peer-to-peer and group studies also enhanced his oral delivery skills, of which he is now applying in explaining computer system to non-technical people easily in layman's terms, he added.

He commends the school management, administrators, and faculty members who become his mentors and who has perseveringly imparted the knowledge needed for him to face the real-world. “And since the school standard was at par with the best computer schools in Manila, it was not difficult for me to apply for a job”, Tenorio beamed with pride.

By Dante Corteza