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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:16

With summer fast approaching, it would be nice for guys like me in his 40’s to wear board short and fitting shirt to show that even at this age we can still look good and healthy (no beer belly!). For ladies out there who want to wear that little vampy black dress, it would add to their self-confidence if they have a svelte body.

But it seems most people nowadays from teenagers to the seniors seem to have excess fatty deposits in the hips (“love handles or baby fats”), under the arms (“bat wings”), bra bulges, big legs (“saddle bags”), muffin tops in the butt, and unsightly bulges in the cheeks, chin, or jaw line.Lack of exercise, hereditary genes, and yes, the love of junk foods are the common excuses we give or the “culprits” to blame if we have these extra fats in these areas.

Then again sometimes no matter how much we exercise and go on a crazy diet, stubborn fats won’t simply melt away.  We end up “frustrated”, just shrunk our shoulders, and smile at jokes about our “fatty body”.

Here’s the good health news, Biocare Skin Slimming and Spa Medical Center is introducing Biocare Lipoblast, a safe non-invasive and fast non-surgical medical procedure that can sculpt, refine, and melt away problem excess fats in our body. Tested and proven in Europe, Biocare Lipoblast is the latest medical treatment for spot reduction and cellulite treatment; the first of such kind in Western Mindanao.

It will be performed by Biocare aesthetic medical doctor, Dr. Kellyn Sy, who is trusted by showbiz and well-known personalities in Metro Manila. Dr. Sy, who has been flying to Zamboanga City every month since November last year, explained that Biocare Lipoblast is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure. It introduces a mixture of natural fat burning factors, vitamins and skin tightening supplements into the bulging body fats in just one shot.

Gone are the days where about 20-30 multiple slimming microinjections are placed in one area, she added.   With Biocare Lipoblast, it blasts those unwanted bumps in one painless shot. In as short as even 5 days, witness those bulges wither away, she said, with no side effects. It is an alternative for those who can’t go under surgical knife or liposuction and can be performed for people ages 18 to 80 above, she assured.

By Dante Corteza