May the light be with us, Mayor Celso Lobregat PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 10:03

As our City Mayor, Celso Lobregat, celebrates his 63rd birthday today, let’s pray that he will be enlightened together with other government officials on how to resolve our city power crisis swiftly. This will be his best birthday gift to our city before his last term ends next in June 2013.

Yesterday in the popular local TV 11 morning show, Teleradyo, I squirmed in my seat when he said that it will take 4 to 8 weeks to add extra power to our present low power supply, that is, if ever Zamcelco decides to purchase them from independent power suppliers.

Waahh, this means 1 or 2 months of waiting in this summer heat! Worse, Mayor Lobregat said if Zamcelco dilly dallies in their decision to buy the power soon, other cities in Mindanao might buy them ahead of us and we will have no more power to purchase. And I dread that Zamboanga City will have another tag, the Black Out City of Asia.

I was at the Power Summit sponsored by the City Government last Friday. Nothing new really was presented. The facts and the warning about this power dilemma have been discussed in several forums in the past years. But it is sad to note, no one took responsibility and accountable from any government agencies neither Zamcelco for not taking preemptive actions. And I pitied those who asked “negative questions” during the open forum because it seemed to me their inquiries were not appreciated. 

Hmm, 3 years ago, around end of March 2010 too, we had a similar power situation and a number of local personalities almost duped the city and the people to agree in renting modular generators from In2Power at an incredible cost. They ranted if Zamcelco will not rent, other cities will rent them out and we will have a problem where to get generators. Good, the deal didn't push thru or if it did, we could have been paying high electric bills while these people are laughing their way to the banks. Their doomsday prediction that blackout will continue was a hoax!

It’s just unfortunate these same people are again appearing to present solution to our present power crisis. As they say, there are opportunities in every problem. In short, let’s call them, “opportunistas. Be wary of them, Mayor Lobregat.

My birthday wish for Mayor Lobregat? More power to you as you give back the power to the people at a very reasonable cost.

I wonder why the Department of Energy is not taking seriously the solar energy sector. They can provide clean energy in a short time and at a lower cost if our government will grant attractive incentives.

By Dante Corteza