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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 09:56

Often in job fairs I have observed there is always a surplus of applicants to the work positions available or what is in demand. And sad to note, there is a possibility of a “mismatch of qualifications” as there is a dire need to fill up the position. HR staff, who did the interviewed, just has to cross their fingers with the hope that these “mismatched candidates” will eventually adjust to their work environment.

One example of this is the nursing graduates. Since there is a surplus of them, horde of nurses are now working in call centers, sales, banks, or in offices. I have no issue of nurses working in other fields since they seem to be “qualify” and are taken in. But if they want to change career for better opportunities, they can still shift or enroll to any course in Information Technology (IT). There is an increasing demand for IT people now, everywhere and in the many years to come.

My hunch nurses with good computer background training will have a brighter future. Hospitals and big clinics are starting to computerized their systems and are buying high tech modern medical equipments. Nurses with IT training will surely be more sought after. I am sure they will be preferred over those with no computer programming knowledge.

In the recent job fair of STI College-Zamboanga, companies are offering STI graduates with high salary and good benefits.  Their starting salary for a new graduate, as a matter of fact, is double the salary of a nurse working in a hospital. This is a job affair wherein there are more positions than applicants. One applicant turned down an offer as she was wanted a higher salary though she will still march by April. Wow!

I also had the opportunity too to interview STI graduate Amerkhan Luciapao Majini. Maj as he is called is now the Senior Software Developer of Infomax System Solution and Services Inc., a reputable IT company in Makati City. He credits STI-Zamboanga for his good training background. He said STI has a good reputation and is the best school to develop the skills to become an excellent programmer. He is also proud that he is a product of MEIN High School in Baliwasan.

He shared that as early as in his 3rd year as a computer science student he was already confident of his skills he learned from his competent professors. At STI-Zamboanga, students are mentored and are assisted to find good and stable jobs he proudly beamed. And to be successful in this field, you have to love and embrace it from the beginning, as Maj ended our Pep Talk conversation.

STI-College Zamboanga is offering a short course career for those who wanted a better second career choice.

By Dante Corteza

Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed”.