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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 09:36

Their is nothing that can beat another real meaning of friendship when it is defined with love. And this is what my college friendship or barkada is all about which is composed of 5 rugged guys and 6 lovely girls. We became close as we were the pioneer BS Biology batch of Western Mindanao State University. Only 2 from our group became full pledged doctor. The rest went into different career paths. I started in the drug industry and now a business consultant cum PR/writer chap. But we always make an effort to be together when someone from our batch working outside or abroad comes home to Zamboanga City. We rekindle our friendship.

So when one of our barkada, US-based and a successful Physical Therapist practitioner Ester “Teng” Bernardino, went home for the 10th death anniversary of her dad Faustino Bernardino Sr. last week, the Zamboanga based barkada had a great time with her.  Together with Lani Que-Querubin, who is now with the Bureau of Mines, and Dr. Aissah Pizarro-Santos, we met Teng over lunch last Sunday. 

But this time our barkada meet became more lively and meaningful as we met finally met Teng’s lifetime partner and fiancée Carlos Orellana. He is originally from El Salvador but now a US citizen businessman who is based in Houston, Texas, where Teng also works.

Within seconds after being introduced to Carlos, I liked this fella. He is very friendly and has this funny contagious way of laughing. He has no pretentions and speaks out his mind. You can feel his genuineness and sincerity.

As barkada, we love scrutinizing each other’s love life. It is not to meddle into personal lives of friends but it is always been part of what we do when we meet, that is, if the concern person will allow it.  As true friends too, we are simply concern and want to be assured that our barkada is well taken care of by her love.   And Carlos gladly answered our side questions how their love story started which started as friends 2 years ago Teng said. It was only recently that they became lovers when both became available.

If they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is what Carlos did to our beloved Teng. He cooks her breakfast, prepares for her pack lunch, and asks what she wants for dinner. And since Teng’s work is stressful, he always tries to understand her mood swings. Knowing Teng’s notorious maldita mood, no one dares cross her path. But this is also her strong personality that our barkada loves. She will fight anyone who will put down her dear Carlo, friends, family, kids, and especially her twin sons.

Carlos didn’t win only our barkada’s hearts, he also did the same to Teng’s big family. He met Teng’s brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, Uncles, Aunties, and all her friends. They also loved him within seconds. We all love Carlos and are very happy for Teng. We found a new brother, a new friend, and a new barkada. We wish and pray that God will always be at the center of their lives. And Carlos said Amen to that.

John 15:13. “Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”.

By Dante Corteza