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Thursday, 04 April 2013 00:00

There are many new generation of Zamboangueños out there in different fields who are successful and can make our city proud. And one of these great guys that I will be featuring today is Lt. Arthur Yamongan.

He is presently the Ship’s Executive Officer of the Philippine Navy who directly supervises the functions and operations aboard; oversees duties and responsibilities of all officers and personnel under his command; and who reports directly to the ship’s commanding officer.

Like Pep Talk, you surely be inspired with the principle of his life and I am sure parents out there would like to have a son like him. Young men who will be reading today’s Pep Talk column I hope will get an encouragement too from him.  This is Pep Talk inspirational interview with Yamongan:
Pep Talk : What is the main guiding principle of your life?

Yamongan: Discipline. This I discovered in high school (Western Mindanao State University). It was a period in my life where I explored new things outside of my home and learned about myself more. I have realized what are my priorities and interests.

Since I was a member of our city’s baseball team, I have learned to balance and enjoy my time with my “barkadas” and friends at school, took pleasure in helping my parents at home, and made sure my studies were a priority. All of these require discipline and I am thankful I did.

Pep Talk : How come you ended up in the military service?

Yamongan : Like any other normal growing boy, I used to play war games and wanted to be a soldier. I also loved playing with computers. And since I need to take a college degree that fits my passion, my parents advised me to take up BS in Computer Science as they believed it can lead me in different places of work. And I enrolled at STI College Zamboanga because we learned good things about this school. 

Pep Talk : Tell me about your college life.

Yamongan:  I am grateful to STI College Zamboangas as it has moulded my character that perfectly matched the qualities the Armed Forces of the Philippines are looking for. My high school athletic discipline became more firm with STI’s encouragement policy to aim high. 

What I become now and how far I had been are because of my motivation and spirit to pursue, but dreams and aspirations are made because we were trained. And I credit STI Zamboanga for the trainings, personal mentorship and activities that are all geared to prepare their students to prepare for life. My college Alma Mater taught me how to face different challenges and made me realize that hard work and perseverance in life pays off in the end. For this, I will always be grateful and proud to be a STier.

Of course, it is also in STI, where I met my lovely girlfriend and now my loving wife.

Pep Talk: What is your message to all the new high school graduates of 2013?

Yamongan: I know high school life is one of our life’s most u forgettable experiences and truly worth remembering. Someday, we might forget the things that we had read from the books but what we had learned beyond books can tell are the things that will forever be part of us. We learn our values from our home and we learn how to carry out those at school. Be grateful to your high school Alma Mater as I have always been with my beloved WMSU.

Pep Talk : Since you seem to be a fulfilled young officer, what are your other dreams?

Yamongan :  To live a simple life, having a loving and God-fearing family and career that will lead me to share and continuously to learn.

Pep Talk: Thank you, Yamongan. Pep Talk wishes you that in the future you will be promoted to be a Commodore and a gentle General.

Arthur Yamongan with lovely and loving wife Noemi A. Yamongan

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