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Saturday, 06 April 2013 00:00

Honestly, I am not updated with what’s going on at Sabah right now but I am sure all Filipinos and Malaysians aspire that it can be settled soon. Malaysia is our Asian nearest neighbor and we have developed closeness with them especially in business. Let’s pray that Islam can help resolve and diffuse the intense situation.

Here’s another area that can unite us also – Music. Julfekar Ahmad Shah, fame Managing Director of MilleniumArt Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, is launching a 14-track musical album entitled “Pinay Lullaby” by May 2013.   It will feature Filipino singers, Nikki Bacolod, Diya, Eima, and Grendel Ramos with Malaysian singers. 

Min Yasmin, Rahayudean, Nyak Mira and with Julfekar himself singing with them. Julfekar composed all the songs that will be rendered in both Bahasa, Malaysia and Filipino language. He plans to introduce Asian talents around Southeast Asia through collaborations and extensive marketing campaign

Julfekar has been actively involved in the production of songs and album for famous recording artists in Malaysia. His label serves as a distributor of songs online, in handling promotional activities through radio, television, print, electronic media and live events. He also engages in artist management and collaborations. Although a Malaysian by citizenship, Julfekar was born in Jolo, Sulu with a Tausug mother. He grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has successfully pursued a career in musical production.

Julfekar gained prominence in the Malaysian music scene by writing and producing songs of various genres for several topnotch Malaysian artists like Siti Nurhaliza and Francesca Peter, to name a few. He also composes movie soundtracks and soap opera or “telenovela” theme songs.

On December 7, 2011, he signed a memorandum of understanding with Dream Music Sdn Bhd, another Malaysian recording company which mainly focuses on downloading and marketing. Together they formed the Dream Music - Millenium Art Label which aims to expand and broaden the scope of music not only in Malaysia but also in the international music scene, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. It will promote talents from neighboring countries like Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore.

In a newspaper interview, Julfekar revealed that there is more money to be made by Filipino artists in Malaysia.  He said that “Filipino performers get paid from P50,000 to P150,000 for a major concert. In Malaysia, the cheapest rate is P400,000—and that is only for two to three songs. For a 45-minute set, it is about P1 million.”  Late last year, he brought our local international artist Rameer Tawasil to Malaysia for a successful art exhibit.

By Dante Corteza