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Saturday, 20 April 2013 00:00


True Zamboangueño by heart and action – Marco Lobregat

“I Love Zamboanga City” Can you say the same whether you’re from here or not? If you do, please read on and be inspired. If you don’t, my best friend Oliver Ong said that one does not have the right to say negative things about this city. Zamboanga City has been feared unfairly already even by locals– as a “dangerous city”.  If you love Zamboanga City, what are you doing to show your love?

One person I will be featuring today loves Zamboanga City by heart and in action – Marco Lobregat. Aside from being the son of incumbent Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat, Zamboanga City has always been his second home. Now a successful businessman and a top model product endorser, Marco said he deems to do his share of showing his love for Zamboanga City. He is spearheading a peace festival, “Summer Peace Festival 2013 (SPF13),” with other Mindanawons to promote a positive image of Mindanao and experience peace here.
Pep Talk interviews Marco about SPF13.

Pep Talk : Can you share with Pep Talk readers about yourself?

Marco Lobregat : Aside from endorsing commercial products and services, I am currently the President and CEO of Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc., a company involved in building a sustainable mushroom industry in the Philippines. Aside from just growing and selling mushrooms, giving back to the community is what drives me and I was inspired to launch the Mushrooms Go Pink Campaign (, a successful collaborative breast cancer awareness campaign that I plan to do every October.

Pep Talk : What is the rationale behind SPF13?

Marco Lobregat : Since the success of the Mushrooms Go Pink campaign, I have since turned my sights on Mindanao, specifically Zamboanga and how to bring peace to this beautiful but misunderstood city with its unique blend of Spanish, Filipino and Muslim culture. Zamboanga has been my second home since childhood and it pains me to see the exaggerated reports of violence, kidnapping and corruption giving Filipinos and foreigners alike a negative perception of this vibrant and prosperous city.

Pep Talk : What can people expect from SPF13?

Marco Lobregat : Truth be told, more violence and kidnappings happen in Metro Manila everyday and it has since been my mission to bring peace, understanding and prosperity to this beloved city of mine through a Summer Peace Festival called PAZ MUSICA DEL MAR 2013.

Pep Talk: How do you achieve peace through SPF13?

Marco Lobergat : I believe peace needs to be experienced and through music, art, yoga and meditation and being in service of others so it has been my mission to bring out positive human values in Zamboangueños and to show a loving human side of this beautiful city to the world to counteract the negative perceptions of Muslim Mindanao.

Pep Talk : Can you explain what is this PAZ MUSICA DEL MAR?

Marco Lobregat : PAZ MUSICA DEL MAR is part of the SUMMER PEACE FESTIVAL 2013 or SPF 13 ( that I am doing in collaboration with my dear friend Raphael Kiefer who raised positive vibrations in Cagayan de Oro last year through a Peace and Nature concert called LUNA MUSIKALAWAIG ( It was created a few months after the devastating typhoon Sendong, which killed thousands and brought to light the devastation that deforestation and illegal logging brings. LUNA celebrated life through music and allowed people to be pro-active by planting peace. Together we have come up with the MINDANAO SUMMER PEACE FESTIVAL

Pep Talk : What are the activities lined up for the PAZ MUSICAS DEL MAR?

Marco Lobregat : I personally believe that peace comes from within and by exposing the youth and residents of Zamboanga through experiential projects such as tree planting with the HINELABAN FOUNDATION, coastal clean-up with the LBC foundation plus yoga workshops by my friends in YOGI YOGA and STILLPOINT YOGA, meditation by ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION and cooking workshops by several of my chef friends collaborating with local chefs to promote Zamboanga cuisine and even introduce veganism to the locals.

I sincerely believe these efforts have not been in vain and that we should be the change that we wish to see in the world. It warms my heart to see the I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE youth group of Zamboanga rise up and their active participation and promotion of the yoga courses, the cooking demos and the upcoming concert have really helped make this dream a reality.

Pep Talk : How can Pep Talk readers support this event?

Marco Lobergat : It would mean so much to me if you can help make the upcoming tree-planting, coastal cleanup and peace concert an even bigger success. Donations would be most welcome and deeply appreciated through deposit or bank transfer to the Bank of The Philippine Islands (BPI) Ministry of Mushrooms Inc. account number 1921 1166 63 or through PayPal. Just log into your paypal account and click on the SEND PAYMENT link and send your donation to Please email me at or text me at 0917-558-8708 to let me know if you've made a donation.

Pep Talk : Lastly, some say this SPF13 is part of the Lobregat election campaign activity.

Marco Lobregat : People can say that. But this has been our group’s passion to promote peace for Mindanao election or no election. Now how about them? I do invite all people regardless of age, religion, culture or political affiliation to join us for a peaceful and joyful Mindanao. Visit our Facebook – Summer Peace Festival 2013 account to know more details.