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Monday, 22 April 2013 00:00

Pilarist/STIer Patrick To grateful to his Alma Mater

I have high regards of grateful people who know how to acknowledge, pay back and contribute to the betterment of the place they came from. They make our place a better world day by day. In these times where boundaries are open and opportunities are aplenty, we can see our city’s best graduates flocking to bigger cities like Manila or Cebu and in other countries. They offer higher salaries, benefits, more exposure, experiences, and trainings over there that (sighed!) local companies can’t yet offer. This for me is perfectly acceptable.

But now and then, I get the chance to meet dynamic and successful young Zamboanguenos like Cebu-based Patrick To who comes back in town with good business news.  He announced that his company will open a local branch this end of April at Golden Boys in Nuñez Extension. They will offer new high income careers to people so that they can fulfill their life’s dreams and provide better lives for their loved ones.

A top performer (Ruby Executive) of Planet Mobile Technologies, Patrick will be coaching and training locals in selling branded products in the market ranging from communications products and services, cars and food products among others. Only 22 years old, he beamed that he was able to buy already a car of his own out of his earnings, and acknowledges his Alma Mater for molding him.

First of all, he is proud of his strong and personal relationship with God. He is thanking God for all his career blessings. He shared that his high school Alma Mater, Pilar College, taught him to be a God- fearing person. It was a twist and turn high school life that made him a better person he described. “I may not be the best student during my time but I certainly value all the teachings from my high school teachers and from the RVM Sisters,” Patrick expounded.

And secondly, his college course, BS Information Technology, at STI College Zamboanga taught Patrick to be globally competitive. He claims that he is a living testimony of this school’s high standard of education and trainings. He is thankful for his friends that convinced him to enroll here and be a STIer. It was easier to adjust in the corporate world when your school has prepared you well, Patrick said.

“I was a little bit hard to handle as a student,” Patrick confessed, “but I never felt that STI College took me for granted“.  He said he will always treasure the encouragement even the “sermons” he received here.  He is thankful to STI for bringing out the best in him and for not giving him up.

Patrick admitted that he went to Cebu City to look for a greener pasture after a short stint as a counter supervisor in one of the local malls. He found his career fulfillment in his present company. He discovered happiness because he can influence more people to find their passion in their lives. “To be successful, love what you are doing,” Patrick advised.  And of course, always be grateful.

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