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Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Forum on Barangay Developent and Security Planning

With the increasing crime rates not only in Zamboanga City but as well in other cities in Metro and even in Boston, Massachusetts, I do believe every citizens must know how to forearm himself and know how to defend himself, his family and family.

So when I came across to learn about the recent security forum at Mindanao State University in Marawi City, “Forum on Barangay Development and Security Planning on Promoting Security and Protection through Enhancing Capacities and Lessening Vulnerabilities of the Conflicted Communities, I was glad to know about it. My dream and prayer Marawi City one day (soon) will be a must-visit tourism place not to miss in Mindanao.

I have been to Marawi City twice and I was impressed with the people, their culture and place. If Luzon has cool Baguio City, Mindanao has the same cool “Baguio City atmosphere” because it is also way above the sea level. For me, Marawi City is more blessed because of its majestic Lake Lanao. It you stand at its edge it’s like you are seeing a never-ending body of water Midnanao's source of hydro-power. I hope their next leaders can  make Marawi City attain the peace and serenity it deserves after the May 13 election. 

Congrats to the Mindanao Dynamic Culture of Peace (MIDCOP) that partnered with the Asia Foundation and the 51st IB of 103 Brigade of the PNP Lanao del Sur, Early Warning Early Response (EWER) and other private community sectors for this laudable activity.

Locally, Zamboanga City District-2 Councilor candidate Art Onrubia has a similar program he said that he wants to be implemented in every barangay of our city. The current president of Federation of Barangay Kagawads Zamboanga (FEBARKAZA), he shared that the people in our barangays must know how to protect themselves and be aware of the different security measures. This is one of his 5 points main agenda why he said he is running. He is confident that he can get the attention and full support of the City Council and the next City Mayor to potect every barangay. And I believe he can do it.

As a family man, he wants that our beloved Zamboanga City will be an enjoyable place to live and will be one of  best Mindanao’s economic hub. He said that this can also be achieve if the next city administration will give priority attention to education, health, job security, and implementation of full justice.

Let’s pray that voters will be able to discern and vote good and competent candidates who will lead our city to higher greatness.

(Thanks to Samain Cosain Sultan for the info and pictures for today’s Pep Talk.)

“What is impossible from human perspective is possible with God”. Luke 18:27

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