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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:00

Connecting Yoga with Peace

One of the major and invigorating peaceful events of the on-going weekend Summer Peace Festival 2013 (SPF13) at Vista del Mar this month is the SPF13 Yoga Class. Country’s finest yoga teachers from Stillpoint Manila, a popular yoga school in Makati City, are personally guiding the participants (for two weekends already) experience this form of meditation.

I did joined last Saturday, April 13, and yeah, it was so cool and relaxing after. Though it felt like “bone-breaking and muscle straining” doing it, our charming Yoga teacher Becky de Villa explained that this is a normal phase for first timers like me, but she assured us that eventually we will overcome these uneasy phases after several sessions.

I asked why I was sweating when we were just doing slow movements; Becky explained that my body was releasing toxins and it’s a good sign. She also said that Yoga is suited for young kids and senior people who want to attain inner peace in harmony with their environment and in relationship with others.

Yoga is recommended for very hyper-active uncontrollable children and for high-tempered people who aims to achieve patience. True enough, violence in speech or action is almost always preceded by violent thoughts, and violent thoughts have serious repercussions on the mind and on the body. And Yoga, I learned, can help individuals overcome inner struggles and conflicts, help them feel better and not to be hostile. 

Yoga advocate Swami Rama said, “The main teaching of yoga is that man’s most innermost nature is divine, but that he is unaware of this and mistakes himself for his body and intellect, both of which exist within the realm of matter and therefore are subject to decay and death. All of man’s misery is a consequence of this false identification. Yoga leads one to the direct experience of his inner Self, his true identity. With this realization, comes liberation from all human perfections”.

Yoga literally means union of breath, body, mind; union with, within yourself; with everything. Practicing yoga regularly one learns to understand the relationship of breath, body and mind. It is said that Yoga can make a person desire for inner peace that can lead to external peace in his/her neighborhoods, among nations and between races.

Mark Whitwell, in Yoga of Heart, speaks of it this way; “Our living organism has been abused by a social mind that believes it to be separate from god and nature…to be a yogi, all it takes is to see and embrace your own reality – the natural intelligence that is you.” He goes on to say, “Even in climates of war, animosity and terror, an alternative exists. By creating communities with common values, and by developing conscious awareness, false barriers are removed and individual change can occur.”

Yoga concludes that only real change can take effect through individual change. WWII survivor Hannah Arendt stated, “Deep reflection will bring us face to face with the decisions we make, and can turn us away from evil.”

Join the last SPF13 Yoga sessions at La Vista del Mar this week for only Php 150.00 per session. There will be two classes (8:30am and 4:30pm) from April 27 up to April 30. Text or call 0917-6975913 or 0917- 8328968 for reservation. Slots for Yoga participants are limited.

Peace be with you!