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Thursday, 02 May 2013 13:59

“Happy-Go-Lucky” Paul Solis hails STI for his successful career

Interviewing Jonathan “Paul” Solis of Dyncorp International, a service provider of the US Balikatan, was a light and an inspiring moment. This “happy-go-lucky” but responsible guy shared why he is a fulfilled man today.

Paul divulged to Pep Talk that he didn’t had a big dream or was ambitious in his younger years as he prefers to take life in stride. His perspective changed and for the better when he enrolled at STI College Zamboanga where he took the course in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Back in 1998-1999, he said, the computer industry was still in its blooming stage, especially in Zamboanga City, and the best computer school in town is STI (and is still is the best he insisted). “I am glad I enrolled in this school, as it molded me into a better individual,” Paul revealed. He added, “I am an example of STI claim of ‘from enrollment to employment’. I became a reliable office clerk (his first job) and a competent instructor of STI later that, I believe, led me to be accepted in my present position when I sought a greener pasture”.

“I am now a Senior Vector Control Specialist at Dyncorp. My responsibility is to control vectors from infesting the American Camps within Mindanao. Vectors are pest animals or insects that can transmit diseases. If uncontrolled, it can bring sickness or even fatal death in my area of responsibility,” Paul shared. It is a self-fulfilling career he proudly beamed.

He credits STI for making him a responsible person and how to face the challenges in life. Be dedicated and be accountable are the traits, he claims, STI instilled in him.

“I also learned the value of teamwork during my high school years in Western Mindanao State University. It is better to work or study as a group and to share knowledge with one another. There is always a fun way to solve something difficult when you’re with your team mates,” Paul explained why he is easy to work with. He still loves to sing his high school song that keeps his spirit up where he said he had enjoyable growing years.

More than luck, Paul Solis is grateful and is now happy with his present status in life and for his family. He believes anyone can be where he wants to be if he wills it.

“By standing firm you will win your souls”. Luke 21:19


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