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Saturday, 04 May 2013 15:39

Though the economic rating of the Philippines is picking up, it will take time for the common tao to gain from it. First, investments must come and business must perk up so incomes can be increase at the end.

For the meantime, what can we do to improve our present standard of living? Pep talk readers, do you want to be wealthy and buy things you love without getting into debt? Honestly, I do.  There are things I like to buy but I can’t because I don’t have the extra money.

Some people are meant to be employees throughout their lifetime and are contented with it. Some will be successful entrepreneurs and can pass it to their future generations.  Sad to write, some failed.  They groan in the local vernacular, “nuway asenso el bida”. 

Don't fret, here's a good financial news. We have the wealth opportunities within us to discover, to develop, and to grow. And this will be discussed by the Colayco Foundation For Education (CFE) during the “PISOBILITIES – Wealth Within Your Reach Workshop” at the Carlos Dominguez Hall of Ateneo de Zamboanga University from 2pm to 5pm.

Three reputable and competent financial advisers from CFE will explain the “PISOBILITIES” of maximizing incomes, discuss the common behaviors why people fail economically and the obstacles to financial prosperity as well where to invest securely.

“PISOBILITIES” is a portmanteau word coined by CFE. It refers to one’s ability to earn and manage his one peso and the possibilities of making that same one peso work for him. Each person’s financial profile should be like a one peso coin. He has two sides that give him more than enough capacity to attain financial independence. One side represents his ability to generate active income or the income earned when he invests his talent, sweat and time. The other side is his ability to generate passive income or the income earned from savings, otherwise known as investment income. He has to use these two capabilities at the same time.

Pisobilities will help us start our journey towards financial independence. It will equip us with the basics of proper money management-spending, saving, planning and investing. We will realize the value of having and setting financial goals. And we will also be introduced to various financial instruments and strategies that can help us achieve our financial goals.

Call or text 0917 -8088857 or 0917-8632131 for details. Investment is only P1,000 an amount that can lead us to the road of wealth.

The COLAYCO FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION (CFE) (www.colaycofoundation.com) is a non-profit organization that pioneered that promotion of financial literacy in the country since 2001. Today, CFE is the prime mover of the financial literacy movement as it continues to open the minds of millions of Filipinos on the need to obtain secure financial futures for themselves and their families. The foundation teaches Filipinos how to manage their hard-earned income through wise spending, proper planning, saving and investing.
Through their books, resource materials and events they respond to the glaring need of Filipinos for unbiased, value-based and purpose-driven financial education. They also initiate and engage in innovative and industry shaping initiatives aimed at helping Filipinos realize their desire to be wealthy.

CFE entertains too queries of individuals regarding their personal financial concerns: credit card debt, suspected scams, budgeting questions, investing clarifications and many more.

By Dante Corteza

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