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Monday, 27 May 2013 00:00

Help achieve peace thru education

One of the hot topics in the last May 2013 Election in our city is peace and order. It will be a challenge for our newly elected local government officials to bring down the negative implication of the crime statistics being posted at Universidad de Zamboanga City, catch the perpetrators or criminals immediately, make our city a safe place for locals and tourists, and erase our city’s bad image that our city is a “dangerous place” to visit.

I am confident that our in-coming elected top three officials, City Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, Congressman-1 Celso Lobregat, and Congresswoman-2 Lilia Nuño can work together for the economic progress and peaceful development of our city. The last election has shown that it is not only having money or fund sources, support from religious groups, or avid supporters that can make a running candidates win, it is performances, what he or she has done in the past is a very critical factor. A peaceful city can convince more investors to put up business here as well entice more tourists to visit our place. This is what we like to see in our new local administration.

How about us? How can we help attain peace and order in our city? One is to support the programs of our local government instead of contradicting or criticizing that nothing is being done. Be involved in community services thru your church or being an active member of a local socio-civic club like Rotary or Lions Club.  Or you can do your own peaceful initiative.

Even if you’re far away from our city, you can still help achieve peace and order too for our beloved Zamboanga City. This is what our fellow Zamboangueños Armand Nocum, his wife Ann Sahi, and daughter Arizza, are doing now. Though they are now based in Quezon City, they are running an organization since 2001, the KRISLAM (Kristiyano-Islam) Peace Library,  with firm belief that education can help achieve peace. KRIS has openly declared war against poverty and negative knowledge the main culprits of peace Their only weapon to combat is education.

Now being manned by Arizza as its administrator, Kris Library has been recognized and awarded by government and private bodies as a valuable non-profit and non-government organization in making education more accessible to Filipino youth living in poor and conflict areas. Through its libraries, scholarship programs, and learning projects, KRIS is giving aids to hundreds of students from Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay, Davao City, Rizal, and Metro Manila.

With supporters and donors, KRIS has solicited 50,000 books, empowered 232 scholars and caters about to 200 plus Filipino children who read books and are learning how to use computers for free in their 6 libraries every day.

Arizza reported that, “Last year, KRIS Library supported more than 130 students through its Scholarship Program. These elementary, high school, and college students are talented and full of potential, but they are unable to support themselves through school. They are the children of farmers, fishermen, tricycle drivers, and housekeepers from Metro Manila and Zamboanga City. One finished the year at the top of her batch in college, several more from elementary and high school graduated with medals, and all of them continue to pursue their dream of finishing their education”.

With the opening of classes, KRIS Library is once again hoping to help pursue more dreams to come true with another round of fundraising efforts. “We are pushing to support nearly the same number of students, students who will one day hold in their hands the future of this country and the world,” Arizza explained.

"Anything that Pep Talk readers, their families or friends can contribute to KRIS will be priceless amount of hope for KRIS kids will be appreciated. There is no minimum amount. Anything you will find it in their heart to donate can save the future of our scholars. As Filipinos, we should pull one another upwards. As global citizens, we move the world together," Arizza appealed.
She is encouraging Pep Talk readers to visit the website of KRIS at, its Facebook, and to spread the word in the By doing so, we can help build a better by educating tomorrow’s leaders, doctors, nurses, engineers, and teachers, she added.

Share, post, and tweet about the KRIS fundraising project to help KRIS reach out to more people and gain more support is the call of Arizza. By harnessing the tools of education, the beneficiaries of KRIS will not only help themselves but also help others. KRIS Library’s highest dream is to spark a cycle of empowerment, poverty alleviation, peace, and service in the Filipino youth.

(Nocum second daughter, Aisha, is a champion golf player and will represent our country in the US Junior Golf Play this year.)


Proverbs 3:27. “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it”. When you’re blessed, share.