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Thursday, 30 May 2013 00:00

When Memory “Mems” Daguio (now Mrs. Lacuesta) graduated from Negros Oriental High School and her family moved to Zamboanga City years back, she was determined to take a course in computer science. And being new in our city, she enrolled at STI College Zamboanga City as it has a good reputation in this industry she found out. With new technologies being introduced at a fast rate, she felt that it was a great opportunity to take a course related in this industry. It will be a career that can bring security to your future, she believed.

Mems divulged that she was attracted with STI slogan “Enrollment to Employment” (E2E) as she wanted to finish a course she can be proud of and to build a successful career out of it.  “My dreams are simple - to finish a degree, have a job that I love, be happy and a successful woman in my generation,” she shared.

And in this Pep Talk interview, Mems is grateful that STI did a great job in molding her to be a better person who was once a stranger in our city. She credits STI-Zamboanga too for leading her to where is right now – happy and contented. She is happily connected as the Supply Officer under the Administration and Finance Department of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority at the Zamboanga Fish Port Complex.

Mems proudly beamed that she is a product of STI method of assimilating real-life systems inside and beyond the four walls of her classrooms.  The school, she revealed, monitored her development and progress thru constant assessment and tests to build her a strong character morally, psychologically, and emotionally stable. The different school activities brought out the best in her. The kind of support, guidance, and encouragement of STI has made her academically competent, she added.

Through Pep Talk, she has message to the staff and teachers of STI whom she loves to refer as her mentors.  “I owe you what I have and where I am today. You pave the way for my success by giving me knowledge, inspiration to pursue, by believing in me even when I am just a student and by untiringly supporting me even after my school years with you.

I am very and will always be proud to a product of STI College Zamboanga. May you continue to always be an instrument of success to every individual through your quality education and programs during and after their school years! I will always remain a STIer in heart and mind and I am pledging my loyalty and support to all your endeavors. A million thanks and more power to you my beloved STI.”  Mems ended this interview by saying her journey in her career life started at STI and continue up to this time.

“To those who use well what they are given even more will be given, But from those who are unfaithgul what little they have will be taken away.” Luke 19:26