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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 00:00

The female askal (asong kalye) Kabang who saved the lives of two girls last December 2011 in Nuñez St, Zamboanga City is coming home after a successful surgery of her lost upper snout at the University of California (UC) Davis in USA.  Though her upper jaw could not reconstructed back, the good hearted veterinarians said Kabang is now safe from further infections and can live a “normal life”.  She will be accompanied by Zamboanga veterinarian Dr. Anton Lim who first raised the poor condition in Facebook after the unfortunate accident.

On that fatal day, Kabang run in front of a passing motorcycle that was about to bump the two girls according to an eyewitness.  Kabang, a family dog, appeared from nowhere and threw herself in front of the speeding motorcycle that caused the grave injury in her face. The girls were unhurt and the motorist had few bruises, but Kabang lost the entire part top part of her mouth. Tragically, the heroic leap planted her snout directly into the wheel of the motorcycle. When the bike flipped, her snout and jaw was ripped from her face.

Professor Dr. Frank Verstraete, an expert in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery, led the team in treating Kabang, The surgery included the removal of the dog’s two upper teeth, the reconstruction of an eyelid damaged during the accident and correction of the dog’s facial injury. The trip and other costs were paid for by donations in a movement called “Care for Kabang” which attracted sponsors from the Philippines and abroad.

A website, Facebook page and Twitter account were set up in an online fundraising drive, spearheaded by New York nurse Karen Kenngott, which raised more than $20,000 for Kabang to be treated in the United States. Kabang is well loved by the US doctors and dog lovers all over the world during her 8 month stay there..

Beyond the heroic deed of Kabang, the show of support for Kabang shown that people can show care and love if they bond together.  Know more about Kabang visit website www.careforkabang.com.

By Dante Corteza