And the 2013 Goi Peace Award goes to Zamboanga City’s Silsilah Dialogue Movement….. PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 June 2013 00:00

Congratulations to the men and women of Silsilah Dialogue Movement as it will receive the Goi Peace Award, an international award,  in Tokyo, Japan on November  27, 2013. Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra, Silsilah founder, was informed about this award in a letter sent to him by the President of the Goi Peace Foundation.

Goi Peace Foundation is a Japan based non-profit organization that promotes world peace, transcending all boundaries of race, religion, or politics, with a belief that peace begins in the mind of each individual.  It strives through its various activities “to promote values, wisdom and actions for creating a culture of peace and a new civilization.”

The annual Goi Peace Award honors individuals and organizations in various fields that have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for all life on earth.

In receiving the award the Silsilah Dialogue Movement finds itself in illustrious company. Among the individuals and organizations the Peace Award has been given to in the past include Ervin Laszlo, Hungarian philosopher and scientist; Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica;  Lester Brown, founder and president of  Earth Policy Institute; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and President of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;  and Deepak Chopra , a medical doctor who is a world authority in the field of mind-body medicine. The 2012 Goi Peace Award went to Helena Norberg-Hodge, the founder and director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC), and a pioneer of the 'new economy' movement.

The Silsilah Dialogue Movement was selected for the 2013 Goi Peace Award “in recognition of many years of…timeless work to promote dialogue for peace and solidarity among Muslims and Christians in the Philippines. “ The letter announcing the award also said “Your efforts have not only advanced the process towards lasting peace in your communities, but have inspired many people around the world with your example  of true dialogue based on spiritual values.” The award ceremony will take place during the 2013 Goi Peace Foundation Forum to be held at Nikkei Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Silsilah was founded principally to promote dialogue between people of different culture and religious beliefs in Mindanao. Silsilah is an  Arabic word that literally means “chain” or “link” to emphasize being linked with those who have attained an experience of the Divine. In the Philippines and other countries the same root word is used to mean “genealogical tree” which implies a spiritual chain of humanity as created by the same God.

By Dante Corteza