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Friday, 28 June 2013 13:29

I now own a brand new smart cellphone – Gionee, the latest cellphone brand hitting the international market today. Thank God - it’s about time my wife told me that I should own a “real” cellphone that really fits my work, lifestyle and preference. I already got a new one actually last December but being a low techie guy (plus I’m lazy to read long manual instructions), I never learned how to maximize the features of this December phone. I got stuck basically with its text and call. One lesson I learned: don’t be tempted with post-paid plan that gives free cellphone unless their features are friendly user which you can use to your advantage. Now, I have a better phone, a smartphone with dual sim, the Gionee V3 from EMC.

The on-going Crazy Sale at Expression Mobile Center (EMC) which will end on June 30, will really make even non-cellphone users buy one, cellphone addict user upgrades their unit, and can make every family or any organizational members have one.  From high end to simple unit, from more than a thousand to a less than a thousand, EMC is slashing its gadgets from 20% to 50%! This is their way of celebrating their 10th anniversary, according to EMC General Manager John Tan. It’s a thanksgiving celebration for making EMC the undisputed cellphone distributor and retailer of all branded cellphones in this region, Tan explained. Wow! All brands on sale at EMC! This will certainly be a wild offer hard to resist and people will go crazy what brand to choose.

For budget conscious people like, affordable cellphones with features I can make use is for me. Thanks to EMC’s Gionee Sales Executve Remy Dignum, I got impressed with a new cellphone player in the Philippines, the Gionee Smartphone V3 Model, from China. The cellphone features are just perfect for the kind of media job I do – easy to text and make fast call, high storage capacity, can take clear definition pictures, record videos, internet/wi-fi ready, slim and light. It’s durable with long battery life and best of the price is within the reach for most people.

Investigative that I am, I found out that Gionee is a hi-tech company engaged in mobile device designing, R&D, manufacturing, and sales in international markets, and offering mobile internet application service in Shenzhen City, China since 2002. It has been awarded as the Best Quality Mobile Phone Manufacturer in China and sold over 23 million handsets per year in China mainland, ranking as No.3 brand in 2G market share after Samsung and Nokia in Nov 2011, and No. 2 in GSM market after Samsung in Aug 2012.

Aside from entering the Philippine market, Gionee has penetrated and is doing well  in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Middle East and Africa with over a million phones average sales per month. Its vision is to be the best cellphone seller worldwide known for its efficiency, high quality, durable, long standby hour, and easy to use as well as fashionable and stylish.

For the record, EMC since being the exclusive distributor and official service center of Gionee since March this year has sold over 700 units with zero return and only 4 minor fix due to customer error. If need be, the unit can be returned if found defective, Tan said. The feeling of owning it is happy because you have a great cellphone that can make your life easier - this is how happy I am with Gionee V3.

By Dante Corteza