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Monday, 22 July 2013 10:03

Whether you own a low or a high priced cellphone, losing it is very inconvenient and can be dreadful.Worse things can happen. Aside you will buy a new one, you lose all your contact numbers, pictures, videos, and data stored in it

If you're on post-paid plan, call your provider and have it cut-off immediately. Or risk paying a high bill when the stealer used it in calls, text or internet with gusto. 

Warnings. There is a warning passed recently in the Facebook. Crooks who stole your phone might text your loved ones, say your spouse, pretending to be you, and ask you to come to an unknown place to bring cash because you had an “accident.”  Call back if you receive such an emergency text to confirm. Don’t just text back important information too.

If you have intimate pictures or private videos “for your eyes only” stored in your cellphone, the stealer can blackmail you of uploading it in the internet social network or in the youtube. If you don’t want this to happen, just don’t do it.

If you are fond of cellphone internet downloading, the convenience of cellphone internet connection has also a downside. Vicious virus can spread and destroy phone files especially if your phone has no anti-virus. 

But with my new cellphone Gionee VTRL V3, known as the Gionee Victory, I don’t dread anything of the above. Gionee Smartphones is amazingly preloaded with NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus application with features such as:

1.     Find stolen or lost Gionee Smartphone from NQ Space website with its remote phone tracking and location device;
2.     Remote contact backup to ensure you don’t lose any important contact even the phone is missing;
3.     SIM Alert. Alerts when there is an SIM card change on your phone;
4.     Intruder Alert. Once activated, it will snap a photo to identify who is holding your missing phone and attempt to break in;
5.     Sound Alarm: it can sound a loud alarm upon command and make it easier to find the lost phone;
6.   Delete Data: completely wipe all the private data stored on your lost phone, including pictures, texts, contacts, call history, account info, and more;
7.     Vault. Hide your SMSm call logs, contacts, photos, videos, and app launch from your friends, colleagues or spouse (hehehe).
8.     Protects and scans from virus, malware, spyware, trojans and phone hacking; uninstalls malicious apps to protect your phone.
9.     Safe browsing: protects from phishing, fraud, harmful sites and malware to ensure safe web-surfing.
10.  Safe download: real-time app scanner to block insecure apps during downloading.
Automatic virus database update
11.  Anti-eavesdropping protection : scan and alarm if spyware is installed on your phone.
12.  Safe online banking : protects mobile payment and transactions on your phone.

Gionee? For now, Gionee is not yet a popular brand in the Philippines as it is a new cellphone player. But unlike local cellphone brands that are imported from China and rebranded, Gionee is a reputable high-tech cellphone manufacturing company in China that sells Gionee brand as a name in many countries. The company is known for its Innovative Research and Development (R&D) that comes out with new world class cellphone features.

Gionee invaded the international market in 2005. Today, Gionee sells over 23 million handsets per year in China mainland alone, became No. 2 in the GSM rank last year, and is expanding in Asia and Europe.

My Gioneee Victory is just perfect for my job as a business consultant and a columnist. It has a high capacity level that can take pictures, videos, and make long recording. Embedded with OGS (One Glass Technology), it is the only cellphone with the thinnest and lightest touch sensor solution in its class. Sometimes referred to as the Direct Pattern Window (DPW) or Sensor on Lens (SOL), this cellphone’s is thinner, lighter and takes pictures and videos optically clear.

For comparison purpose, Gionee Victory has a 4.3 inches scratch-resistant IPS WVGA screen making it 5% longer and 12% wider than a popular brand. The slightly ridged back panel makes it non-slippery, very comfortable to hold and resistant to smudge. The price? Gionee Smartphones is for budget conscious people who want the best at a lesser price.

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By Dante Corteza