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Monday, 05 August 2013 10:20

If you’re planning to work or migrate abroad, you better take good care of your lungs. Because if you have the dreaded TB (Tuberculosis), your application will be outrightly denied. It used to be that Canada and USA don’t have this contagious disease but because of migrants with TB these countries have to face this health dilemma and are now very strict in their health screening for migrants. Philippines is ranked no. 22 in the world’s TB statistics that’s why Pinoy going abroad are under the health watch TB list.

The good news TB can be cured and treatment is FREE in Philippine government facilities not only for the poor even for the rich! In Zamboanga City, people with TB can avail of free check-up and medicines at Zamboanga City Medical Center. Full TB treatment, depending on severity, can reach as P300,000 in 2 years or death will strike if left untreated.

TB is a disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobeacterium tuberculosis and mainly acquired by inhalation of infectious droplets containing viable tubercle bacilli. Infectious droplets can be produced by coughing, sneezing, talking and singing. Coughing is generally considered as the most efficient way of producing infectious droplets.Covering your mouth when coughing is a health etiquette.

Mind you even if you seem to be healthy, you can be a carrier! Gone are the days, people who are skinny, coughing, and look sickly are TB-hon. If you have been coughing persistently for two weeks or more despite taking tons of cough and antibiotic medications, it can be a first sign of TB and you better see your doctor right away. Or better pay a visit to your barangay health center, to have a free sputum test of your saliva. This will detect if you have TB.

Today, the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the Department of Health aims to reduce by half TB prevalence and mortality by 2015 with the Directly-Observed Treatment Shortcourse (DOTS) Strategy. The strategy primarily would like to inform the general public that TB is foremost curable!  And government health centers have trained TB personnel and facilities that distribute freeTB medications to stop the spread of this disease.

This was the good health news shared during the Media Forum organized by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-9 in their office yesterday. In celebration of Lungs Month this August, Dr. Dulce Dagalea and Medtech Joselito Cua of the DOH Center of Development together with multi-sectoral representative Miriam  Kanti of ZamCAT discussed the prevalence of TB, its nature, treatment and made an appealed for the cooperation of all sectors of our society to help stop the spread of TB as well encourage those afflicted with it to avail the free government TB treatment. This year’s theme is, “Tuldukan and TB. IkalatangTamangImpormasyon, Hindi and Diskrimasyon.”

Ronald Jabay of PhilHealth said his agency covers now TB treatment and can help PhilHealth members afflicted with it. Rotary Club of Zamboanga City past president Edwin To, who was a special guest, announced and invited the general public to join their club’s annual Stop TB Fun Run Advocacy Campaign on August 18. It’s an awareness advocacy to tell everyone that TB can be eradicated.

The forum panel all agreed to successful implement stop TB campaign in our city it needs the full support of our city government especially from barangay officials. There are 4 identified city barangays that have the highest incidence of TB (I am glad my barangay Tumaga is not one of them) that warrants intensive barangay TB campaign. It’s sad to note that their barangay heads and officials are not keen and taking seriously in helping eradicate TB in these areas.

Do you know a spit of saliva with TB strains that dries up in an enclosed room can spread this disease in the air? It’s about time we stop TB or else….we will be the next TB official carrier.

By Dante Corteza

Psalm 82:4. “Rescue the poor and helpless. Deliver them from the grasp of evil people.”