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Thursday, 08 August 2013 10:24

Multi-awardee civic leader Dr. Anton Mari Lim is one of the finalists of the Cobra Energy Drink Pinoy Hero 2013. This is an annual award given by Asia Brewery (maker of Cobra Energy Drink) in recognition of Filipino heroes. There are four categories of awards. Dr. Lim is nominated in the Cobra Pinoy Modern Hero. It recognizes a person who has done an act of bravery, courage or selflessness, beyond the call of duty, in an everyday setting beyond what is expected of them. The other Pinoy Hero categories are the Youth Hero, Work Force Hero, and Service Hero.

Whether he gets or not this award, Dr. Lim has done many things for our city and beyond. He is already a Hero. He has traveled in other cities or barangays tagging people and bringing support from different organizations to extend livelihood, education and medical programs with care and sincerity. He continues to inspire people wherever he goes.

He founded the Tzu Chi Foundation in Zamboanga City, the multi-awardee Yellow Boat Foundation, and is the veterinarian of the dog hero, Kabang. Tzu Chi has been conducting free medical treatments and operations in our city and in other parts of Mindanao. The Yellow Boat Foundation that started at an offshore community in Layag-Layag, Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City started the “yellow fever” of donating yellow colored boats so that the children of this community does not have to swim in going to school (their families stay in the open sea). The Yellow Boat gave hope to the children and to the community that there is a brighter future.

Unlike most NGOs, Yellow Foundation does not dictate what’s needed. Under the leadership of Dr. Lim, they go to the area and investigate what the real needs are and from there they see how they can help themselves. They don’t give them a finished boat. They give materials and teach them how to build as a “sweat equity” that brings back the ‘bayanihan’ spirit. In doing so, they empowered the people so that they don’t rely on dole outs. They also gave livelihood opportunities and extended medical health programs.

Today, the Yellow Boat Foundation has reached in 17 communities nationwide and has built 200 yellow boats in areas where people are living near the seas, rivers, or lakes. Thanks to Dr. Lim, he has brought hope and brighter future in these places. Visit the Facebook of Cobra Philipines and vote for him. The winner will be based on the number of likes in FB and final choice of the judges after an interview.

By Dante Corteza

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart....... Luke 6:45