Peace City inspires peace worldwide PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 16:39

Rising up from the havocs of the first atomic bomb in 1946, Hiroshima City has bounced back and is a very progressive city today known as Peace City. With over 1.1 million populations, the city fascinates and inspires people especially when they visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Memorial Park. The people of this city, the Japanese, are known as peace advocates as they share the bitter pain of losing loved ones and the lessons on how to regain back one’s lives.

Hiroshima City as the Peace City of the World wants to convene a strong message for peace building through various efforts that clearly address reconstruction from war and the total banning of nuclear weapons as a weapon for mass destruction.

Just last January 23 to February 9, this generous city hosted the 2010 Training Programme for Young Leaders (TPYL) under the Post War Reconstruction and Peace Building Course of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The participants were composed of young professionals like doctors, police officers, teachers, non-government organization executives, international donors, and media practitioners.

16 delegates came from the Philippines, who were tagged as Peace Ambassadors, and among them is from Zamboanga City – youth leader Aldrin B. Abdurahim of Peace Advocates of Zamboanga (PAZ). They went a training program to strengthened their knowledge and abilities on building peace and how to promote peace through education. The entire duration of the training yielded many positive impacts among the participants vis a vis with the coordinators, organizers and resource persons from Japan, Aldurahim said.

Activities in the TPYL included workshop lectures and discussions, community visits and exposures (companies and primary Schools), tours and an open forum regarding the atomic bombing experience of Hiroshima City from a Military City to its reconstruction as a Peace City.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Peace memorial Park gave the participants clear understanding a better picture of the 1945 A-Bomb Experience that seemingly not just alarmed the country of Japan but the entire world. The TPYL experience clearly depicted how the sense of devastation inspired the people to a strong sense of nationalism between and among the people of Japan, Abdurahim shared.

One of the highlighted topics in this event is the peace in Mindanao, he said. The 16 Filipino Peace Ambassadors together with the facilitators agreed that poverty alleviation, educational development, capacity development of communities and its sustainability, armed conflicts, biases and prejudices are among the issues that need to be address collaboratively with right solutions anchored by proper decisions among stakeholders in Mindanao.

The Peace Ambassadors as part of the “Familia Sumimasen”, the group’s name, are inspired to commit for peace building and continuously support the campaign through the Mayor for Peace, an initiative that invites local chief executives and the private sectors to strongly support the advocacy for peace.

Abdurahim is excited to share the programs he learned to different government and private organizations in this region. Let’s welcome back peace in our city!