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Friday, 16 August 2013 00:00

When you’re planning to buy new appliances, upgrade your old ones, or give it as a gifts, go to the newest appliance store in town – Bwise Appliance at Yubenco Mall in Putik, Zamboanga City. It sells high quality appliances at very reasonable prices. From big appliances (ref, washing machines, aircons, TV, etc.) to handy items (iron, thermos, oven toaster, rice cooker, etc.), Bwise has what it takes to make life comfortable in homes or offices.

There are many cheap (“barato”) appliances out there but will it last long? Most important of all, are they safe? Cheap” appliance can be synonymous to disposable appliance. Often not guaranteed, it gets breaks down easily after a few days or weeks of use. Worse, it can be a source of fire due to faulty electric assembly. So, don’t just buy because it is price lowered.  Buy what is your money’s worth. It really pays off to be wise in buying new appliances or to replace existing ones. It is not only a monetary investment; it can affect your life as well.

Bwise Customer Satisfaction at Great Values. Shopping for appliances is an enjoyable and fun experience at Bwise because sales personnel are very friendly and hospitable. They pay full attention to all our inquiries and they even suggest the perfect appliance that fits our budget. If you’re budget for a gift is P500 and below, they have an appropriate item to make the recipient happy.   Bwise management assured that their products are made by reputable companies with solid warranty of functionality and safety.

Bwise Appliance Store opened last August 5, 2013 with a simple blessing by Fr. Andy Barcelo. Business associates and reputable members of our society were the special guests. When I visited the store after one week, I learned sales were impressive. Indeed, people are making wise buys over at Bwise.

By Dante Corteza

Ecclesiastes 7:12
Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor..