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Monday, 11 November 2013 00:00

As our city picks up its pieces to restore its splendor, I am reprinting one of the blogs written by  Dr. Filipinas “Inday” Rojo in her blog ( Like her, I am supporting this community which has become a model for the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. Dr. Rojo is one of our city’s prominent radiologists and presently the Medical Director of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

During the Zamboanga siege, Layag-Layag in Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City, was also occupied by the misled MNLF Misuari Group and its residents have been affected.

Here’s the blog article of Dr. Rojo which she entitled “The Road To Layag-Layag Yellow Boat Village @ ZC January 2013.”

Definitely many will be intrigued because not everyone is given the chance to come over to Layag-Layag, the mangrove community off Talon-Talon in Zamboanga City!

A friend told me its name has the same style as Talon-Talon, which means "Jump Jump".

Layag-Layag means "Sail Sail" because it is a water community!

Here is a map of Zamboanga City showing the relationship of Layag-Layag to Talon-Talon and the rest of the City.

They worried about us not wearing any protective footwear... for the possible pain and infection, we may be inflicted with.

So what more for the inhabitants of this village who live this way everyday!

Those who are interested in learning more about the YELLOW BOAT OF HOPE can check out these links:

their website:

and their Facebook Page: YELLOW BOAT OF HOPE FOUNDATION P.S. Thanks to Doc Anton Lim for sharing the experience with us. Thanks to the Travel Reportage with Lester Ledesma class because the opportunity was opened to us. Thanks to the Travel Reportage teacher and classmates who made the activity more enjoyable. Thanks to Mary June Bugante, DOT RIX director for supporting the group with the escorts and for joining us, too!P.S.2 Here is a backgrounder for the Yellow Boat of Hope which I lifted from Wikipedia on Jay Jaboneta with this link:

On October 29–30, 2010, Jaboneta served as a featured speaker at Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Zamboanga City. It was at this event that he first learned about elementary school students from Layag-Layag, an island community in Zamboanga City. Close to 200 of these students could only attend school by swimming half a mile to get to the mainland. Disturbed by what he had just learned, and encouraged by his friend Josiah Go to do something more than just post on Facebook about it, Jaboneta began a movement he called Zamboanga Fund for Little Kids, in an effort to help. The group began by raising funds to be able to provide the community of Layag-Layag with boats which the students could ride to school. Meeting initial success, the group kept pressing forward, searching for ways to be able to serve the Layag-layag community more sustainably while identifying other communities with similar needs. The effort eventually resulted in four separate Yellow Boat communities in the Philippines as of May 2012. His focus is on education, medical support, local ecology, sustainability, and empowering others. Strong community support combined with social networking contribute to the growth of the Yellow Boat Project. Today, the project is formally known the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc. with Jaboneta and Anton Mari H. Lim as co-founders.

Communities served by the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (January 2013)
Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids: Layag-Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City
Masbate Funds for Little Kids: Isla Mababoy, Brgy. Guinhadap, Monreal, Masbate
ZamSur Funds for Little Kids: Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur
CDO Funds for Little Kids: Cagayan de Oro
Sibugay Funds for Little Kids - Sagip Bahay: Yellow Dorm Project: Zamboanga Sibugay
Negros Funds for Little Kids: Island of Roma in EB Magalona and Matabas Island, Sagay City in Negros Occidental
Zamboanga del Norte Funds for Little Kids, Siayan and Dipolog City
Monte Central Funds for Little Kids, Subanon, Zamboanga Peninsula

By Dante Corteza