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Thursday, 12 December 2013 00:00

Have you attended a movie premiere night? Thanks to up-coming song writer, Zamboangueña and talent manager Geraldine “Jay” Lim, who wrote the theme song of the hit-Viva movie, “When The Love Is Gone,” I was able to experience it for the first time.

Last Nov. 26, Jay gave me and my wife the privilege to see the 32th anniversary movie of Boss Vic del Rosario at Cinema 9 of SM Megamall. The movie is based on the Filipino film classic "Nagalit Ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi (The Moon Got Mad at the Long Night)" of the late director Danny Zialcita.

It stars Gabby Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Alice Dixson, Andi Eigenmann, and Jake Cuenca in a gripping, moving melo-drama story of love lost, love gained, love betrayed, and love unbound. The new version has the glossy, polished, glamorous look of classic Viva films of the '80s with a twist direction by director Andoy Ranay.

Pep Talk will not give a review of the movie. I prefer to write my first premiere movie experiences. First, you don’t have to dress formally unless you’re the main stars of the movie. I wore my favorite orange checkered polo given to me by my best friend the late Luis Alvarez. I met GMA movie reporter Lar Santiago in the red carpet and had a short chat with him.

Second, aside from the stars, only those with invitation ticket can walk in the long red carpet. Yeah, it does feel good walking through it. Movie fans patiently waited on the side and screamed as stars passed by. The big stars arrived last and waved on stage while greeting the fans. Alice Dixon has maintained her regal as a former beauty queen. She looks more beautiful in person. Andi Eigeman and Jake Cuenca looks the same on and off screen. Gabby Concepcion looks better on screen. Standing beside him, I found out I am taller than him! Christine Reyes is very sexy. You can be up close with stars in premiere night.

Third, actress and dancing queen Regine Tolentino said “Hi” to me and gave me a friendly “beso-beso” when I gave her a wide smile. Good thing my wife when ahead inside the movie house and didn’t see it. I never told her and she will only learn about it from here. Thank God, my wife Bing is not the jealous type. Now, do I also look a star or a showbiz reporter? Hmmm.

Fourth, like in other occasions I attend, I always stand with confidence (meaning “enjoy the experience”) couple it with a sincere smile. It helps in making good contact with people you don’t know yet. It worked as I had a good conversation with Boss Vic who was grateful that I came. I learned he personally wanted the song of Jay for the movie’s theme song sang by new singer Jason Farol. I also meet Zamboangueña singer, Diya, now based in Manila who sang the song demo of the “When The Love Is Gone.” Diya is under the management of Jay who happens to manage a talent agency named Winners Circle Talent Agency.

Fifth, bring a jacket when you watch in a first class movie in Manila. It is more comfy when you feel warm and not chill inside the movie house. I guess I am used to our old local movie theater low temperature. Sixth, it is okay to react, yell with glee and clap while watching a premiere movie which you can’t just do in its normal run or else you will get the ire of other moviegoers. I was amused by their actions especially at the end of the movie; standing ovation was given to the stars.

Seven, as you get out of the movie house, flashy video cameras with reporters will block your way and will ask “ano masasabi mo (what can you about the movie)?” My wife and I docked and avoided it. We don’t want to be seen in the movie trailer in TV shouting in a loud voice,  “maganda, panoorin ninyo (good movie, watch it).” But if you want to be televised, prepare what you will say so you will not mumble.

Just watch the movie and learn to be faithful, not to be user, and learn to forgive. This is one true meaning of love after all so you can move on in life.

By Dante Corteza

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

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