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Monday, 16 December 2013 00:00

It’s Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) not Feliz Pascua– this is what I learned from Zamboanga City District-2 City Councilor VP Elago. He shared this information two days ago in his Facebook account. He wrote that “not a lot of us know that the real meaning of "Feliz Pascua" is HAPPY EASTER.” We just got used to “Feliz Pascua” all these years in expressing Merry Christmas in Chabacano and Spanish, he expounded.

Maybe he guessed  the generations ahead of us were “confused” who were at that time still learning Spanish and went on using it wrongly until it became accepted. Is there still time to correct it? Yes we can as people are now starting to speak Chabacano more correctly, Councilor VP believes.

So what then is the correct greeting?  "FELIZ NAVIDAD" is the right greetings to use. It means MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 16 is the official start of Christmas, and like Councilor VP I have observed many businesses including homes have not decorated their establishments or home with Christmas tidings. Lantern or “parol” is conspicuously missing too which is one of Filipino’s indications that Christmas is around the corner.

Even carolers don’t carry them anymore. When I was a kid, aside from the “tansan” jingle bells, we bring candle-lit “parol” as part of our props.  Today’s generations, I seldom kids do it. Worse, some adults are making caroling a money-making or “fund raising venture” in the name of Christmas.

I am glad that city hall has issued a memo not to entertain adult carolers if they don’t have Mayor’s permit. If they have not sent you a letter before knocking (“begging”) at your door in the name of Christmas, one has the right to refuse them.

Which makes me realized, can we ask an audit report of these so-called fund raiser carolers? I heard one group has been doing this in the name of their organization for years and right after they carol, they divide it among themselves the amount raised every night.

Let’s go back to the reason of the season which is the birth of Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace. The date of December 25 may not be accurate but what is important this is the time of the year we love to get together, have fun, and share our blessings.
Have a Peaceful CHRISTmas to everyone!

By Dante Corteza

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