City sets World TB day March 24 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 March 2011 14:06

Zamboanga City joins the entire country in the observance of World Tuberculosis Day on March 24 to drum up awareness on the prevention and control of the disease.

Mayor Celso Lobregat will lead the unveiling of the huge tarpaulin at the City Hall balcony on Monday, March 21 to signify the start of the observance of World TB day. The event will coincide with the flag raising ceremony of City Government employees.

The series of activities will be spearheaded by the Zamboanga TB Hermosa Council an the City Health Office under Dr. Rodel Agbulos. A motorcade will follow the unveiling program. It will kick off from the City Health Office compound in Pettit Barracks to J-Jireh High School in Campung Islam where a simple program will be held.

The City Government of Zamboanga has accomplished a milestone of success in its relentless campaign to address the problem on tuberculosis. Since the creation of Zamboanga Hermosa TB Council-a multisectoral anti-TB group headed by Mayor Lobregat, the City has reached the cure rate of 85% as the national benchmark of the number of cured patients positive with TB.

Zamboanga has even exceeded the national targets. For the identification of patients with positive sputum or people in the contagious stage of TB, the national standard is 70%. Our City was able to go way beyond the trend with 95% identified patients with positive sputum.

In the same way, our City is equally impressive in the cure rate percentage of 85%-standard nationally. A stunning 93% cure rate was recorded by the City Health Office, breaking our own record back in 2007 when the City’s anti-TB campaign leveled the national cure rate target of 85%.
The past and recent feats can be attributed to the unyielding campaign, programs and activities that the City is conducting with the coordination of the different stakeholders.

Last year, the City, thru Mayor Lobregat entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the private sectors to set the pace for the Workplace TB-DOTS (Tuberculosis-Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Chemotherapy). Under MUO, the companies are mandated to “facilitate and ensure access to services, facilities and treatment for TB in partnership with other stakeholders”.

As of the moment, 19 companies comprising canning, fishing and plywood factories in the east and west coasts of the City including two pharmacies are actively enforcing the provisions of the MOU in pursuant to the National TB Program (NTP).

The said companies must ensure the availability of services like sputum microscopy, access to a TB Diagnostic Committee and complete TB treatment for all its employees, including those on contract, which forms part of the NTP.

City Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos is in high spirit with regards to the successes of the City in its anti-TB campaign as a result of united efforts.

“We are very happy for the efforts of multisectoral group in addressing the problem of TB thru the coordinated efforts with other stakeholders. The Hermosa TB Council is a big help in carrying out the City’s campaign against Tuberculosis”, Agbulos said. — Richard Aliangan/City Hall PIO