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Friday, 07 February 2014 11:20

Don’t be surprised if you see flamboyant, intriguing, and eye-catching colored pink boxes along the hallways or doorways of hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and in government and private offices starting today. These are the drop-boxes of the B.R.A. (Breast to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) Breast Wellness Center.

Aimed to encourage women and young girls to have their breast checked by their doctors, these drop boxes will ask women too to donate or give their old and unused bras.  Nope these donated bras will not be given away in evacuation centers or to other women who needs them. These old bras will be used as based materials for a monumental art structure to be unveiled on March 20, 2014 in front of CMZ Hospital – a big art object made of bras!

Called installation art, the construction of this big bra structure will be spearheaded by international artist Rameer Tawasil and by Dr. Jaime Lu, an artist himself. Other local artists will be invited to join and helped paint or suggest in constructing this first art object made of bras in our city. CMZ Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Rojo, who conceptualized this project, said, “I am excited with the outcome of this big bra art project. This will call the attention of the people about importance of taking care of their breasts.” Yes, men can have breast cancer too, I found out. Yikes!

The more bras gathered or donated, the bigger the bra installation will be, Dr. Rojo enthused. She said, "This is the first advocacy for breast wellness thru art in this city. And I believe that this is also the first in the Philippines and in the world."

The extra bras will be decorated colorfully with paints and beads, and will be hanged in trees in a public place, Rameer revealed. Where? This I have to find out later as prior government approval is needed, Rameer grinned.

Wow! The success of the CMZ B.R.A will surely be the talk of the town, of our country, and the netizens of the world!

Support and be part of this world history. Women – donate your old and unused bra. Men – ask the women around you to do the same. 

To make the CMZ B.R.A. Drop-Boxes more attractive and attention-getter, a decoration contest was held last February 3 among the different departments of the hospital. 19 groups participated and soon enough we will see these around the city. The judges were Zamboanga City Councilor Myra Abubakar, Zamboanga Today Society Columnist Mila Arieta, WMSU Prof. Florence Alcazar, international artist Rameer Tawasil, and this writer.

Breast wellness advocate Dr. Maya Lim, in a Pep Talk with me, shared that the Philippines has the highest incident of breast cancer in Asia compare to its neighboring countries.  This can be lowered down if it can be detected and treated early especially for those who have family members who suffered this dreaded disease, she said. She also encourages young girls who have developed their breast at an early age to have them checked with their doctors. This is the general aim of the B.R.A. advocacy, Dr. Lim added, women must pay attention in taking good care of their breast.

Dr. Filipinas Rojo said if your office or your organization wants to join CMZ B.R.A Campaign Project. The project has a prize for the highest donors of bras. For details, please contact the CMZ Breast Wellness Center at 992-7330 local 1278.

By Dante Corteza

1 Timothy 4:16. “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.”