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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 00:00

With people increasingly being conscious with what they eat and inquisitive with the contents of the medicines they take, the launch of three (3) new nutraceuticals products by WOHL in the Philippines this month is big good health news. Nutraceuticals (short for nutrition-pharmaceuticals) are alternative and new dietary supplements extracted naturally from plants and food crops proven to improve people’s health and well being in the world today.

WOHL, a new player and at the forefront of nutraceutical research and development in the Philippines has partnered with the world’s leading suppliers of top-notch nutraceuticals, the Frutarom of Switzerland and Beneo-Orafti of Belgium, to bring the best for the Filipino people.  Its’ pioneer products have passed the standards of the European Union, regarded as among the highest quality standards in first-world countries. They are BFAD and DOH approved too.

Being introduced by WOHL is the SmokeLess (a daily capsule supplement that helps those quitting from smoking deal with withdrawal pangs), ErvaTrim (a fat-burning powder drink made from an energizing herb popular in South America), and Kids Yummy Veggies (a flavorless powder that can be mixed in children’s food and drinks to pack in fiber and vitamins) which are now locally available in Joan’s Pharmacy.

SMOKELESS kicks the habit!  Smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit. For some, this is even impossible. What makes quitting so hard is the mental and physical stress brought about by nicotine withdrawal, the very substance that makes smoking highly addictive.But WOHL’s first premium nicotine free herbal capsule, SmokeLess, made of wild green oat can help smokers stop smoking in due time. It is regarded as the only herbal alternative to smoking cessation in the market today.

SmokeLess main ingredient from Frutarom is Neuravena EFLA 955. It is a natural extract from Sativa L. clinically proven by a Japanese Study to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms, increase stress resistance, and improve cognitive function of smoking quitters. It works on enzymes in the brain and on brain waves that affects stress and cognition. A scientific study by the Philippine Cancer Society is also currently doing an investigation about its efficacy.

ERVATRIM gets us into shape! Ervatrim, made of Green Mate EFLA 920 from a Swiss Company, Frutarom, is a herbal dietary supplement powder that is clinically proven to inhibit fat absorption as well as dissolve fat deposit in the waist, arms and thighs.  Various studies worldwide shows that it is a safe and a highly effective plant extract that lowers respiratory quotients that converts fat into energy without the “mess”. It aids in increasing metabolism and improving fat-burning properties of the body in 14 days!

Green Mate EFLA 920 extracted from the Ilex Paraguariensis Tree of South American Amazon is known to have potential antioxidants, anti-obesity properties and cholesterol-lowering properties. It is used by beautiful Latina women to combat fatigue and to slim down.

KIDS YUMMY VEGGIES promotes good nutrition! With sweets, junk and processed foods in the market, parents face the problem of a well-balanced nutrition of their children for complete nourishment and development. WOHL came out with one nutraceutical solution, Kids Yummy Veggies Powder, to help parents attain good health for their children.

Kids Yummy Veggies, a food supplement powder made of Inulin Fibre from Belgium, is a soluble fiber that increases calcium and magnesium absorption, while promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria which aids in proper digestion. Vitamin A and C are also incorporated to boost the child’s immune system and eyesight. The tasteless sachet powder is discreetly and conveniently mixes with food or drinks. Kids won't notice it.

(WOHL products were launched in Zamboanga City (First Provincial Roadshow after Manila) by its top executives with Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat as one for the endorsers last March 9 at the Crystal Ballroom of Grand Astoria Hotel.)

(Genesis 9:3) “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. “

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