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Monday, 24 February 2014 16:43

The opening of the 2-day 8th Zamboanga Food Festival last Friday, February 21, 2014, at the Plaza Pilar was a good start of the 77th celebration of Dia de Ciudad de Zamboanga Celebration.  7 local food establishments participated in this annual event hosted by the City Tourism Office under the helm of Sarita Hernandez. It was a showcase of local food, delicacies, and lechons (roasted pigs).

But compared to the previous food festivals, this one was simpler in terms of the opening, promotion, decorations, and entertainment numbers (where diners where treated with dance and live bands). Zamcelco also didn’t cooperate as an hour black-out between 7pm to 8pm occurred despite the request made earlier by Sarita to spare the place. Follow-up calls felt on the “deaf cellphone” of the Zamcelco personnel in-charge of situation like this. He didn’t reply with a call or text. I wish Zamcelco would improve their customer service when things happen like this. It eased up because Sarita and her staff were smiling and accommodating despite the hassle.

I accompanied my parents in this weekend dinner date, and we enjoyed the sumptuous dinner served by Alavar’s Restaurant (still the pride of our city). We wanted to leave the “dark food festival” when we arrived but we didn’t want to spoil a wonderful evening, so we enjoyed our Alavar candle-light dinner.  The P150 per plate of Alavar (consisting of Valenciana rice, crabs in Alavar’s sauce, grilled fish, baked clams, green mangoes with bagoong, and a cup of hot soup) was really worth our food trip.

My kudos to the Zamboanga City Tourism Office for doing its best to improve and develop the tourism potentials of our city!  I hope our city government can pour more budgets and give priority in our tourism industry. Our local authorities just need to build a safer Zamboanga City too not only a better Zamboanga City.

Cambodia, as compared to Philippines tourism industry, is doing better now than our country today, according to the news. Cambodia tourism industry is attracting more foreign tourists, more dollars, and is increasing their local employment. Philippines need to catch up. And I believe Zamboanga City, with its diverse colorful cultures, majestic Sta. Cruz Island, amazing Merloquet Falls, and sumptuous seafood can help boost up our country’s tourism industry. (Forget Zamboecozone for the meantime, it  needs to improve its facilities, keep the place clean, and make their guards more friendly.)

By Dante Corteza

Proverbs 11:2. “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”